Global Education - Travel Information

Global Education - Travel Information

Why Abroad?

BU's global education offers students an unique perspective in how contemporary people live and interact in an increasingly globalized world through a variety of programs, which include exchange programs and faculty-led study abroad programs.

Travel and Safety Information

It is important to understand what you are going to encounter when you are in a foreign country. Follow the link to find out more about ways to have a safe, enjoyable trip.

Check with the Global Education office and your travel group to determine the following:

  • Housing to find out where your housing accommodations will be located. This should be done prior to traveling to your destination.
  • Travel to find out what your means of travel will be for the trip to your destination, during the trip, and for the return trip.
  • Pre-departure meetings to find out what meetings you should attend before traveling to your destination. These might include topics such as health, safety, travel, team building, history, foreign food and culture.

General Information and Handy Links

Student Discounts for Airfare:

Mapquest is very useful for exploring cities in advance.

These websites show continually updated currency conversions: OANDA and XE in other countries

Check any possible travel warnings on the government’s travel page

Find out about visa requirements for specific countries

Make sure you're ready travel Students Abroad

Check the US Center for Disease Control

What to do in a crisis or emergency situation while traveling abroad, read this information Travel.State.Gov

The CIA World Factbook is a wonderful resource for information about all the countries in the world

International Student ID cards can be very useful for discounts, health insurance, rail passes and a host of other services.
International Student Identity Card
International Student Exchange Cards
If you wish to bring back purchases, please consult U.S. Customs and Border Protection
It really helps to know about the climate and weather trends in the countries you visit

Items to pack
Follow the link to view a list of suggested items to add to your packing list before you travel to a foreign country.
Check with your cell phone carrier to determine if your cell phone plan allows for international calling and data or if you will need to change your plan before you travel.
Read The Student's Guide to using the iPhone Abroad and The Top 50 iPhone Apps For Studying Abroad

Questions or Concerns?

Contact the Office of Global Education at