After Graduation

After Graduation

Degree Granting

After Graduation

All holds must be cleared from students’ records before the diploma and final transcript can be released. Holds include any financial commitments to the University including fees, parking tickets, library and health center obligations, and telecommunication bills. Any course with a grade of Incomplete, Research in Progress, or X must be changed to a letter grade before the degree can be granted. Official transcripts for final credits taken at another four-year institution must be received and recorded on your BU transcript. Education majors must comply with all PDE requirements. All transfer credits, X, I, or R Grades, and all outstanding requirements must be completed 30 days from the date grades are posted in order to have your degree granted for the Spring semester. If you do not have the requirements completed in the 30 days, you will need to reapply to graduate in the next semester.


Expect to receive your diploma and final academic record by the end of June. Please carefully check through your final transcript and report any discrepancies to the Graduation Coordinator within 30 days of the record date, which is found in the upper right hand corner of the transcript. If you do not report discrepancies within the time allotted, your transcript will be considered complete and accurate. If you do not attend the ceremony, a diploma cover may be obtained in the Registrar's office, by contacting Nicole Lederer. Your diploma will be mailed to your home address.

Photograph at Graduation

Island Photography will email proofs and cost to purchase the photographs of graduates that will be taken as the diploma cover is received and another off-stage posed photo. Payment in advance is not necessary in order to view proofs. If you do not receive your proofs or have questions, contact Island Photography at 800-869-0908 or visit the website for assistance.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

An individual can earn a second baccalaureate degree upon earning a minimum of 150 credits and the completion of all major requirements for two programs of study. This can be achieved in one of three ways:

  1. by completing the two programs at Bloomsburg University simultaneously;
  2. after having been awarded a baccalaureate at Bloomsburg University by completing a second program of study and additional credits to total at least 150 credit hours earned at Bloomsburg University;
  3. after having been awarded a baccalaureate degree at another accredited college or university by completing a second program of study and at least 30 additional credit hours at Bloomsburg University.

If a particular course is required in both degree programs, it cannot be credited as part of the 30 semester hours requirement for completion of the second degree.

Courses used to meet program of study requirements are subject to review by the department after an interval of five years. In particular, after five years a student may be required to repeat courses in the program of study or not be allowed to apply previously completed courses toward the program of study for the second degree.

Teacher Certification

Applications for teacher certification are online through Teacher Information Management Systems (TIMS). You may contact Angela McCabe, Teacher Certification Coordinator, College of Education, McCormick Room 3103C, at 570-389-5128 or by email for assistance with the online application process. All required testing for your Certification area must have been successfully completed and passed before application can be submitted. Application can only be submitted on the first day of the month that your degree will be granted.

Anticipated processing time for applications on campus is two weeks and 6 – 8 weeks in Harrisburg. For detailed information about certification and required testing, visit the following websites:

College of Education Students

Teacher Certification at Bloomsburg University

Pennsylvania Department of Education


Barring any holds on students' records, a final, unofficial transcript that can be copied, along with your diploma, will be sent to your legal address approximately six weeks or less after all grades have been reported.

Requests for official transcripts must be processed from your ISIS account, under other academic, choose TRANSCRIPT: REQUEST OFFICIAL. Indicate "hold for degree" on the request, and the official transcript will be mailed after the degree has been granted. There is no fee for this service. Students can no longer pick up transcripts in the Registrar's office. All transcripts must be mailed.

Voter Registration Cancellation

If you are currently registered to vote in Columbia County and know that you will be moving from the area after graduation, you must cancel you registration in Columbia County and re-register at your new address. The appropriate form is available in local libraries and post offices.


Distribution of The Obiter yearbook, which includes December, May and August graduates, is free to all graduates and will be sent in the Fall semester following commencement. Questions regarding the yearbook and senior pictures should be directed to Dawn Ritter, 570-389-4465.