What is the enrollment of the university?

In Fall 2012, there were 9,950 students enrolled. Of these, 9,044 were undergraduate degree seeking students, 157 were undergraduate non-degree students, and 749 were graduate students.  The full-time equivalent enrollment (F.T.E. enrollment) was 9,135. Of our overall students, 57.5 percent are female and 88.8 percent are Pennsylvania residents. For more information... click here

How many minority students are enrolled at Bloomsburg University?

In Fall 2010, minority students represented 11.6% of the university population.  For more information... click here

How many students live on campus?

In Fall 2010, 3878 students resided on campus in the dormitories or in the upper campus apartments, townhouses or Kile Apartments.

How many freshmen enrolled in the fall?

In Fall 2010, there were 2140 new freshmen enrolled.  This includes any freshmen who started during the summer and returned in the fall.

How many faculty & staff are employed at Bloomsburg University?

In Fall 2009, there were 958 full-time employees and 143 part-time employees at Bloomsburg University.  Of these, 429 were full-time faculty and 83 were part-time faculty.

What are the graduation rates for Bloomsburg University?

Approximately 63.5% of Bloomsburg's entering freshmen graduate within six years. This is based on a three-year average for the 2001 through 2003 freshmen cohorts. For more information on retention & graduation rates... click here

How many degrees does Bloomsburg University award in a year?

In 2008-2009, there were 1565 baccalaureate and 311 master's degrees awarded.  Thirteen doctoral degrees were also awarded through IUP. For more information... click here

How many degree programs are available at Bloomsburg University?

Bloomsburg currently offers degrees in 56 undergraduate programs, 18 master's programs, and 1 doctoral program. For a list of degrees, click here.

What are the most popular degree programs at Bloomsburg University?

The degree programs with the highest enrollments are Business Administration, Early Childhood/Elementary Education, Biological and Allied Health Sciences, Special Education, Nursing, Psychology, and Speech Pathology & Audiology. For more information, click here.