Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board

The cornerstone of protection for human research participants is an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB), which reviews research activities at an institution with the focus of protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects recruited to participate in those research activities.

Bloomsburg University's IRB is authorized to approve, require changes, or disapprove all research activities that it reviews.

Officials in the research office may disapprove a project that has been approved by an IRB, however, they may not approve research that has been disapproved by the IRB. The first priority of Bloomsburg's Human Subjects Review Board is to protect the participants in all research carried out at the university.

The Human Subjects Review Board considers the following points when reviewing submission:

  • First, subjects must be given sufficient information on which to decide whether or not to participate, including the research procedures, their purposes, risks and anticipated benefits, alternative procedures (where therapy is involved), and a statement offering the subject the opportunity to ask questions and to withdraw at any time from the research.
  • Second, subjects must be able to comprehend the information that is given to them. The presentation of information must be adapted to the subject's capacity to understand it.
  • Finally, consent to participate must be voluntarily given. The conditions under which an agreement to participate is made must be free from coercion and undue influence. IRBs should be especially sensitive to these factors when particularly vulnerable subjects are involved.


Please note that all research must be approved by the Human Subjects Review Board before it can be performed on campus.  This includes all requests from other schools both within the PASSHE System and those not within the PASSHE system.  Anyone asked to be part of research or survey should ask for the approval letter.  If they do not have an approval letter please ask them to contact Dr. Tobey Scharding at