Careers for Math Majors

Careers for Math Majors

A good mathematics education can lead to a good and rewarding job. Statistics and data analysis skills are particularly well-suited to jobs in industry.

Programming experience is also important. In particular, know standard packages such as the Microsoft Office Package, MatLab, and Maple (Mathematica is not as useful here and is more used in academic circles).

Job ads may not specifically mention math. Look for terms like "analyst," "data analysis," and "operations research." Here are some websites with job ads:

The Mathematics Association of America is a valuable resource for information about careers in mathematics.

Also check the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, you can do a search at CareerBuilder (e.g. search under keyword: math at location: PA).

Of course, many of you may want to Be An Actuary, and prepare for Actuarial Exams. In particular, you may want to take (and pass) the first exam (called Exam P) before you graduate.

The subject of the first exam is calculus-based probability. BU courses that cover the material on this exam are 53.241 (Probability and Statistics) and 53.462 (Mathematical Statistics). Since 53.462 is only offered in the spring semester of odd-numbered years, you need to plan ahead!

A useful book is Power Etiquette: What You Don’t Know Can Kill Your Career, by Dana May Casperson.