An outcomes-based, student-centered general education program


An outcomes-based, student-centered general education program

This new distinctive model of general education emphasizes the connectedness of disciplines, knowledge and skills, and recognizes the achievement of general education outcomes outside the traditional classroom and across university divisions. The new program goes into effect for Summer 2012 freshmen, ACT 101 freshmen and new Fall 2012 freshmen.

For the first time in Bloomsburg University's rich history, students are taking full ownership of the way they achieve the goals for general education. It's your general education. It's your foundation for higher education achievement. It's your track to ultimate professional and personal success.
MyCore Goals

It's MyCore (Freshmen enrolled in Summer 2012 and after)

BU's new general education program (MyCore) adopts a goal-focused point system, independent of the academic credit system, which allows any course or co-curricular activity to contribute to one or more general education outcomes.

  • A history course with extensive writing may not only contribute to a students’ knowledge of the humanities but also their ability to communicate.
  • A community service or leadership training program operated by the student affairs division could be counted towards the student goal of exhibiting good citizenship.

Any one course may deliver multiple general education outcomes!