Area youngsters explore the creativity of math

Area youngsters explore the creativity of math

More than 30 elementary students in kindergarten through second grade recently explored math through art, physical activity and music as part of BU’s annual Math Camp, which also helped participating education majors learn fundamental themes for math learners.

It’s a collaborative benefit, according to Frank D’Angelo, assistant professor of early childhood and adolescent education, who says through the math camp BU’s education program is helping local elementary students get ready for the upcoming school year.

D’Angelo says the camp’s curriculum revolves around five core themes emphasized by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:

  • numbers and operations
  • geometry
  • algebraic understanding
  • data analysis
  • measurement

Summer Math Camp

Education majors are able to incorporate pre-assessment measures of varying types to determine base knowledge of the learners and then utilize post-assessment techniques to determine student achievement.

According to D’Angelo, this helps prepare education majors for the demands of today's school climate. It also provides them an opportunity to creatively develop lessons, which are not only standards-based but also fun for children to engage in.

BU’s annual math camp — now in its 17 year — is one of several examples of how education majors are exposed to authentic teaching experiences in addition to their student teaching placement.

D’Angelo says these experiences provide immediate and accurate feedback on the effectiveness of the pedagogical skills being utilized. Thus, ensuring education majors learn how to properly determine their teaching effectiveness and immediately adjust their lesson to meet the individual needs of students. Nothing can simulate the actual classroom experience as effectively as working with youngster, D’Angelo says. #CollaborativeLearning