Future teachers help local school district with community strategy

Future teachers help local school district with community strategy

Five ways to help children stay sharp over summer

Milton Practicum

  • Serve as a reading model — let your child see you reading every day!
  • Make learning fun by playing games — war with a deck of cards or play dominos; teaches number sense and problem solving
  • Gardening — students can determine the area of the garden and weigh the vegetables after they are harvested
  • Keep a journal — of summer events, including both text and pictures to aid in writing and retelling skills
  • Offer your child a magazine subscription — based upon their interests, hobby, favorite sport, etc. This makes reading both exciting and fun!

Source: BU's College of Education #CollaborativeLearning

A group of education majors recently completed a two-week practicum with three elementary schools in the Milton Area School District, capped by a Family Summer Kickoff where students designed a program to help parents and their children learn ways to sharpen and reinforce math and reading skills over the summer.

Through the Milton Practicum, these BU students developed the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to effectively work as a professional educator. In addition, the hands-on classroom experience gave the education majors a better understanding of the depth and breath of the teaching profession.

Over the course of Milton's final two weeks of school, the BU students:

  • investigated the roles and responsibilities of the family as an influence on the child, school, and community.
  • identified and analyzed the diversity of family structures, cultures, and backgrounds that make up a community in developing environments for children.
  • developed an understanding of the complexity of developing and sustaining family, school, and community partnerships including perceived benefits and barriers.
  • identified strategies to acknowledge, understand, value, and apply the diverse knowledge public school students acquire from daily home and community experiences to classroom learning.
  • engaged in dialogues with peers, teachers, and faculty concerning education issues.
  • =developed an appreciation of diverse cultures through interacting with community members and by working collaboratively on a community service/service learning project.
  • collaborated ethically and constructively with pupils, teachers, administrators, parents, and school/university personnel.

A special initiative to the Milton Practicum was to support the school district's strategic goal in strengthening home, school and community relationships. Therefore Thomas Stramack, associate professor of education, and Michael Patte, professor of education, created this specific practicum to assist the district in meeting that goal.

According to them, many major initiatives have been woven into the fabric of the educational system at all levels designed to promote positive outcomes for children, focus on family, school, and community partnerships. #SenseOfCommunity