Youths unearth local history while enjoying Camp Aspen

Youths unearth local history while enjoying Camp Aspen

Several local middle school students recently enjoyed their own Indiana Jones’ experience, combining outdoor adventure with archaeology, through the annual Quest Anthropology Camp — BU’s first collaborative summer camp experience.

The week-long camp, coordinated by anthropology students, interns and alumni, taught campers how to do archaeological fieldwork, cultural resource management and anthropological analysis through hands-on experience.

In partnership with Quest, the camp also featured several outdoor activities. Among the artifacts found included several lithic cores, arrowheads (lithic biface tools) and many flakes left from someone making stone tools thousands of years ago.

The children also found fire-cracked rock, historic pottery, historic glass and metal, as well as a stone feature, possibly a foundation. Photo: Alex Lindenfeld, 12, and Will Bodenman, 11, hold what is possibly a Baker’s Creek lithic (stone) tool they found.

Camp Aspen was run by Anthropology interns and sponsored by Quest, the Susquehanna Valley Field School, the Town of Bloomsburg, College of Liberal Arts and a BU Presidential Strategic Planning Grant. Interns who created the camp curriculum included Natalie Wagner, Michael Grevera and Laurel Downs. Faculty mentor for the interns was Susan R. Dauria, Ph.D. Anthropology alumni councilors included Jen D’Amico and Shannon Bilder. High school Quest Leader in Training (LIT) was Michael Preston.