Forming global friendships with an American charm

Forming global friendships with an American charm

Morris Longo People in China have been eager to know what my life in America is like, as well as my opinions of China and Shandong University.

English-speaking Chinese here always jump at the chance to practice their English on me, which I enjoy greatly especially when I can teach them new words and phrases only an American would know.

On the first Sunday (June 5) we visited a nearby park and participated in English Corner, which is an event held every Sunday where Chinese people can talk to native English speakers and interact in fun and interesting ways.

We played a few games similar to charades and telephone with Chinese partners. We also showed them a couple games of our own like red light green light and duck-duck-goose.

Alex is an English speaking Chinese student, who is unbelievably upbeat, helpful and fun loving.

He has been our steadfast guide to all the sights around campus and keeping us on time to all of our events.

My roommate Dan (Copes) and I have spent some extra time with him too even visiting his dorm room where he lives with five other guys in a space no bigger than a standard Bloomsburg University dorm.

They don’t have a shower or a western style toilet but all get along and enjoy their lives more so than many people I know back home, who have almost no problems.

Everybody has connected with Alex and recently we have been teaching him American words and phrases he never would have picked up in a classroom and different handshakes and greetings.

He is really enjoying our company, and without him we would be lost. I hope he can find his way to America where he could experience our culture first hand.

    — Morris Longo, a sophomore business management major