Time change equals lifestyle change

Time change equals lifestyle change

Morris Longo, Jake MacLean On the topic of basic day-to-day activities, life here is different for everyone.

At first nobody could keep their eyes open from our delayed flight and accompanying journey to Zibo, but after the first few hours — at least for my roommates Jake (MacLean) and Dan (Copes) — we couldn’t stay asleep.

For the first few days, we would go to bed earlier than at home because of just how exhausting the days here are and either wake up throughout the night or wake up before 5 a.m.

Making a 12-hour leap forward will give anyone jetlag, but thankfully things are much easier now or at least we’re accustomed to waking up before 6 a.m.

The bathroom situation here is not what we get at home, but honestly two bathrooms shared with three people is nothing when most people here have to share one bathroom without a shower between six people, so we feel privileged.

Most annoyances here are small like the tap water here having some nasty bacteria in it. We have to use bottled water for brushing teeth and washing fruit.

Using ice and getting water in your mouth in the shower are bad ideas, but you’re bound to forget one of them within the course of a day so hopefully another group member is looking out for your safety.

The biggest change is the language barrier, but that’s obvious I just wish personally I would have taken a couple lessons on Chinese basic phrases before making the trip. I’m trying my best to learn.


    — Morris Longo, a sophomore business management major