A menu of green starfish meat and silk worms

A menu of green starfish meat and silk worms

Qingdao Aquarium Our second day in Qingdao was pretty eventful. We headed to the aquarium near our hotel. This aquarium here was bigger than any one I have been to the in the states.

In the beginning of the tour, we entered a building where there were sea creatures preserved in glass jars. It was interesting and sad to see all of the different types of sea creatures on display.

After leaving the building we came to another one. Inside were many different sea creatures in tanks, such as turtles, fish, and sharks.

The most interesting part of the aquarium was the tunnel that went under the tanks. We stepped onto a slow moving track and were surrounded by sea creatures.

Stingrays bigger than two people swam above us, and sharks swam next to us.

Seeing the creatures up close was incredible. The only other time I have been that close to stingrays and fish was when I went scuba diving many years ago.

After exiting the tunnel, there were massive tanks that had many different types of fish. Before we left, there was a giant television screen playing the movie “Finding Nemo.”

It was surprising to me, because the movie was played in English and had Chinese subtitles; I assumed that movies here would have been changed so the characters speak Chinese.

When we left the aquarium, we headed to lunch at a nearby local restaurant. We chose many seafood dishes, such as shrimp and fish. However, the most exciting and daring item we ordered was starfish.

We weren’t sure if it was boiled or steamed, but we cracked open to outer shell and ate the insides. It was a little shocking to see the starfish’s meat was green, but it tasted very good.

The restaurant had silk worms for eating, too, but none of us were brave enough to try that yet.

Maybe next time!

    — Katie Haughey, a junior psychology major