Doing so much in such short time

Doing so much in such short time

Chinese kindergarten Today we had our second lecture class and later on we visited a kindergarten class.

I was so excited to see them and play with them, and it was all I was thinking about. I wondered how much they learned and if they would have the same games or coloring activities as we did.

When I arrived I was surprised about how much they learned and not only that, but how they learned. It was an amazing thing to see them say simple English items, such as cookie and cupcake.

Their atmosphere was so energetic and playful and the school reminded me of a Disney show called “Out of the Box.”

The cutest thing was when we entered a room full of children doing the chicken dance. It was adorable and they had so much energy!

In another room, the kids were silent. They had activities and puzzles to solve. They were all categorized by color as far as how difficult they were.

It was so interesting to see how they behaved. I don’t think I was ever so patient and quiet at that age. They all sat in their assigned seats and opened up the boxes. Each box had different problems and each child focused and determined to solve them.

Later on we all went to a dumpling restaurant and made dumplings by hand. It was difficult at first; but after some practice, we were getting the hang of it.

But time was short; and after we ate, we were going to a foreign languages ceremony. There, foreigners had a performance and awards were given out to those who were writing essays or poems in other languages.

Dan (Copes), Sarah (Halter), and Jake (MacLean) performed. It was kind of hectic for them, because they weren’t told until the day of the performance.

They barely got to practice together before going on stage. It was a hectic and crazy day.

    — Michelle Ni, an ACE student and senior at Berwick Area High School