Riding the wave to magnificent scenery

Riding the wave to magnificent scenery

Michelle Ni Today we went on a trip to Tai Shan where we started from the middle of the mountain to the top, climbing 4,000 of its 7,000 steps.

Sarah (Halter), Katie (Haughey), and I were the first ones to reach the top from our group. Girls rule!

It was just absolutely amazing to see how beautiful it was once we reached the top.

When we first got there we had a look around before going onto the bus. The bus then dropped us off at the midpoint, and we headed up.

I thought of it as if I was doing the Diamonds, where you can just feel the crowd around you and just keep on moving, in a way pushing everyone else with you forward.

When people were getting tired, I would tell them to come on and said they could do it. There were so many people who take on a challenge like this that no matter what you’re never alone.

What I thought was crazy was the workers who would take bags of rice tied to a long stick and climb all the way to the top, giving the food for restaurants that were located right past the marker. Katie and I went past two workers; and because we took breaks once in a while, the guys carrying the food would be right behind us.

They kept at a steady pace, and they didn’t seem tired at all. One of them even sang to lighten up the mood. The scenery was magnificent, and it really made you feel good about yourself.

Making wishes in a candy vase

After doing all those steps yesterday — going both up then back down — my legs feel like Jello.

I think what made it better was the dinner we were all invited to.

Lin’s dad held a dinner for all of us in the evening. He gave each of us a porcelain pen, and he also gave us one of the most expensive dishes — sea cucumber.

He also gave us many dishes that we never seen. There was dry ice in one of the dishes and in another they had a man fishing with little candy fish and moons.

But what I thought was the greatest part was the candy vase.

The vase was made right on the plate and inside it had fried noodles. The point of the vase was to make a wish; and then hit it so it breaks, thus making the wish come true.

I thought it was very interesting they would have this at the end of the meal. We all clapped when (Jim) Pomfret smashed it. It looked like butterscotch and it tasted very sweet.

This was the first time I saw fruit all cut up into bite sized pieces, and they used the watermelon rinds as a center decoration for all the fruit.

Overall it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

    — Michelle Ni, an ACE student and senior at Berwick Area High School