Where did the time go?

Where did the time go?

China Abroad The classes are done, our finals are in, grades are back, and we’re about to start packing our things.

How did this go by so fast?

I understand it was less than a month ago since we landed; and for all of us, it has at times felt like the passing of time was too slow. At this moment, it couldn’t be less the case.

We’ve been strangers in a strange land for too long and now as things are getting comfortable, we’re being torn from our newfound friends and home. I feel sorry for ever saying I missed American life. I want to stay longer, even if it’s just a day I need to spend more time with Alex, Ben, and especially Dan, Jake, Ariana, Sarah, Katie, Deanna, and Michelle.

These people are more than compatriots or fellow study abroad friends. They are part of my extended family, and Zibo has been our home. I’m going to miss my roommates, filling our apartment with great music and laughter.

I’m going to miss grabbing a cab into town to get western food with Ariana and Deanna, when our stomachs needed a little more than what Chinese food could deliver. It’s a sad thing now that Sarah, Jake, and Dan are out of opportunities to play music as a group.

Even though I’m sure they won’t, I’m going to miss Michelle always getting stares when people discovered that she isn’t Chinese and when Katie would be mistaken for a Japanese person but never an American.

Adventures big and small from Qingdao to Taishan, I’ve enjoyed my time with our professors and my friends and will never forget what an amazing experience China has been. I feel so sad leaving Zibo, but I hope someday to return and see what all has changed.

I only hope all of my fellow BU students and I can keep in touch. Thank you for some of the best experiences of my life China, I would never have been able to enjoy it so much without the companionship of all of my friends here.

An inimitable experience

On the bullet train to Beijing, I find myself thinking about what an inimitable experience this trip has been. The past month has flown by while I’ve been digging for traction to hold on to the moments as they rush past me.

This trip is coming to an inexorable close. No matter what I do, the majority of my life experiences in China are now nothing more than a memory.

In the past few days I’ve found myself feeling annoyed by the end of the day thinking I’m probably just exhausted or pining for home, but now as the distance increases from Zibo and all of our friends we left behind; I know it’s all because we’re parting ways after this and I may never see some of my new friends again.

I don’t pretend to lack emotions or even hide them; and because of this, it’s easy to tell when my mood changes and right now I’m fluctuating between happy and sad. I’m so happy to be going to Beijing and then back to my loved ones in America, because I’ve missed my family and my girlfriend Tamara more than I can express.

I’m undeniably morose over leaving my life in China, and it’s starting to really come out. I’m sure I’ll regret being blue today, but it’s inevitable I don’t take leaving friends easily especially when we had some of the happiest most unique memories together.

If I’ve learned anything on this trip, it’s that we have it pretty good in the states. No matter how much people have, it’s not enough just to have what you want. We all need to consider there are extremely happy people living in other parts of the world that never drive cars and never have Christmases with every gift from their wish list.

Life is about the journey, people, the intangible feelings and experiences nobody can express. As much as I wish I could give up on material objects and move to a socialist commune in the American southwest, I feel there is more to life than just getting by digging in the earth.

I want to enjoy our world civilization and all of its complexities. This is my last blog in China, and it’s just another nail in the coffin that’s been staring me down since we got off of the plane in Shanghai almost a month ago — but I’m not setting lighting my own funeral pyre today.

I’m happy to be here and still have a few exciting days left until we board our 15-hour flight back to JFK. If you’re thinking about studying abroad, stop thinking about it and just go for it because as long as you have an interest in meeting new people and experiencing a different part of our world you’ll have the time of your life!

    — Morris Longo, a sophomore business management major