Sick day in China

Sick day in China

China Study Abroad The weekend has been very tiring for all of us and the food here, while delicious, has been upsetting my stomach for the past few days. I have attempted to take it easy by eating only simple foods like bread, rice and noodles and yet I still feel unwell.

While at Zhoucun on Sunday I felt an itchy bug bite on the side of my eyelid, but I wasn’t concerned about it at all since I already had several all over my body. The next day I woke up feeling slightly droopy, and I realized that I was because of my slightly droopy, swollen eyelid.

This concerned me, but I was sure it would be gone the next day if I could manage not to scratch it and get plenty of sleep.

Unfortunately, it didn’t get any better; in fact my eyelid was almost swollen shut the next day so I went to the infirmary with Dr. (Jing) Luo and Miss Chiu Qi.

We began to wonder if it was actually mosquito bite or if I had been bitten by a bug that caused an allergic reaction; even though it did not hurt, a swelling of this size seemed abnormal.

At the infirmary we spoke with a doctor who seemed quite familiar with this kind of situation. Right away she knew that this was a bug bite but the reason that it had gotten so big was because of the area in which I was bitten; she said that bites around the eye tend to swell more than any other body part.

She suggested I use cold water or ice to decrease the swelling but there was no medicine that she could give me. Hopefully within a few days the swelling will go down and I will not look like such a monster, until then I will just to wear my sunglasses everywhere I go.

Today I decided to not visit the middle school with the rest of the group because visually I appear very sick.

After the group returned from Middle school, I felt well enough to join them on a trip to an archaeological site in Linzi. The site was directly under the highway because it had been discovered during construction.

We got to see the skeletal remains of more than two-dozen ancient horses, along with some recreations of what the chariots that were buried with them would have originally looked like.

This tourist site seemed the least popular out of all of the sites we visited in China, since there were only a few other groups there at the same time.

The site left me with more questions than could ever be answered and it sparked my interest more than the previous places that we visited because there were no known answers to the questions in my head.

    — Deanna Barnes, junior art history major