Going under in “Underwater World”

Going under in “Underwater World”

Our second day in Qingdao began with a trip to the “Underwater World.” As one could guess this was an aquarium.

I love animals and I enjoyed these sorts of places so I was rather excited. My one reservation about zoos and aquariums of this sort is the conditions the animals are kept in.

I’ve seen some living conditions for animals that made me just downright sad so I hoped that these brilliant sea creatures would have adequate living space and a possibility to live a decent life.

There were quite a few people who gathered to see this attraction despite how early we arrived. The exhibits began with animals that had been “stuffed” that were on display.

There were some interesting sharks, manatees, and even a few penguins. We entered a new area and in it there were the now lifeless bodies of whales.

The creature took up an entire room and it was quite a sight to see. I’ve been imagining coming face to face with one of these giants since then. What a humbling experience it would be to meet such a colossal being.

Perhaps one day these dreamed images will become a bit more tangible.

We walked onward through the exhibits and we approached the first area with live animals. To my delight they were sharks. They had a few different species of sharks floating amongst some other animals.

Some of my group and I spent a considerable time observing some of the larger sharks in the area.

They were probably about as big as a full-grown man. Two of these swam together in a tank that was uncovered. There were signs that said, “Do not feed or touch.” For whatever strange reason, making contact with this intimidating animal was something that seemed very appealing to me.

I tried my best to fight that desire and we moved on.

A ton of sea creatures, a moving underwater walkway, and a mermaid sighting later we had seen the underwater world. It was a really cool place and I was glad we had gone. We left that area onto our next event.

    — Dan Copes, a junior health sciences major