Getting acquainted with Moscow

Getting acquainted with Moscow

Russia Study Abroad I encountered many “firsts” on this trip to Moscow.

I have not been on a plane since I was very young, so this flight seemed all new to me. Although it was a lengthy 8 ½-hour flight, the experience was very enjoyable and welcoming.

Living in the country my entire life, I felt a little nervous moving into a big city. I knew this was going to be an exciting experience from the time we got off the plane and entered an entirely different culture.

As we arrived at the Finance University, we were acquainted with all the staff and resources the university had to offer. We then quickly settled into our dorms and left to explore the city.

The university had assigned us student guides to explore the famous Red Square, and Arbat Street.
Russia Study Abroad
While traveling around the city, not only were we able to see the capital’s unique architecture, but also some of the most beautiful metro stations in Moscow.

Our first experience with a new food culture was at the restaurant My My (pronounced Moo Moo). I really enjoyed having a lamb patty and a delicious Russian style soup.

Another exciting part of this study abroad program was taking courses at the Finance University.

As a finance major and economics minor, I’m very thankful to take courses I need to receive credit specifically towards my degree.

I also am taking Russian, which I plan to keep learning after this summer program ends.

I’m also very thankful to be taught by the professors of the Finance University. They are very passionate and knowledgeable about their respective areas of expertise.

We can’t wait to share the rest our trip with everyone!

    Sean Muldowney, senior finance major and economics minor