Adjusting to a new lifestyle and culture

Adjusting to a new lifestyle and culture

Meghan Sullivan
I have been in the Dominican now for a little more than a week and am absolutely loving it. It is a very different life style than we live in the U.S. More laid back, relaxed and time means nothing to them like it does to us.

When something is supposed to start at 6, it starts at 8, so I have adjusted to just following them and not worry about when and where I need to be.

The weather is a huge adjustment as well. Hot all day and all night, no air conditioning, only fans. The electricity is not constant. It goes out at least three times a day, for hours at a time.

A lifestyle that is very different from ours, but I have come to love it.

I just started classes, and they have started out great. Most of the students know little to no English, so I have started with the basics. Good morning, Hi my name is, I am fine thank you, etc.

I a two hour class of children and a two hour class of adults every day. I found teaching children has been easier for me, because as I am studying Elementary Education. I am very used to that environment.

Teaching adults has been a little bit more difficult, because the games and songs I come up with do not seem to work as well as they do with children.

All in all this experience has been awesome, and I really am excited to be helping this community in something that may help shape their future.