BU senior enjoying THIS wonderful opportunity

BU senior enjoying THIS wonderful opportunity

It is a fascinating time to be in Harrisburg! As this semester’s Bloomsburg University intern in The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS), I have been very busy!

Joan Bradbury I have secured friendships with the other 13 interns and managed to make a presence for myself in my placement. I am interning with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) in the Office of Conservation Science. The majority of my work has been centered on the topic of climate change.

Currently, I am working on an outreach project with the DCNR communications department to showcase the conservation efforts of college students across Pennsylvania.

THIS is a wonderful opportunity to spend a semester working with professionals in a wide variety of disciplines. As a social work major, I am vastly interested in policy and the interworking of the public sector. My work in Harrisburg is giving me the opportunity to network and form relationships with numerous organizations and governmental officials. Every week we also attend a public policy seminar.

Throughout the week we prepare for guest speakers, discussions, and practice our professional writing skills. We have weekly homework assignments, learning journals, and other tasks to complete in addition to working the equivalent of a full-time job every day. There is no time to waste!

In the evenings and on the weekends, all of the interns get together. We have family dinners, attend local events, listen to speakers, and support programs sponsored by each of our offices. For example, this weekend we are volunteering with an event called “Shiver in the River” sponsored by Special Olympics. Our help is needed in transporting the Olympians to the “plunge” location on City Island. It is helpful to have other interns going through these experiences with me.

Having a schedule and falling into a routine has also been helpful. I have joined a local church and am taking advantage of every opportunity to enjoy everything Harrisburg has to offer. I am honored to be a part of The Harrisburg Internship Semester and strongly encourage those interested in learning more about public policy to apply to be the next THIS interns!

To learn more about THIS, please visit the website at www.passhe.edu/THIS. In addition, please contact our BU Campus Coordinator, Dr. Sheng Ding, at sding@bloomu.edu, for application information.

    Joan Bradbury, senior social work major and art studio minor