NCASC hosts inaugural Communication Day

NCASC hosts inaugural Communication Day

Communication Day

Social Media Tools Everyone Should Know

Podcast Justin McDonald, a senior mass communication major, explains the importance of a strong social media presence as a student and gives some tips and tricks on using it to land job interviews, internships and to meet the right people.

BU’s communication studies club, NCASC, hosted a Communication Day on Wednesday, Nov. 28, to help increase the communication skills of students of all majors.

The goals of NCASC's various training sessions and presentations on personal and professional development were to help increase the communication skills of students — whether they were underclassmen looking to polish up their public speaking skills or upperclassmen looking for more practice in job interviews.

Session Topics

  • Communicating to Reduce Infections by Jeanette Harris, MS, MSM, MT (ASCAP), CIC, MultiCare Health System
  • Having Trouble Talking to Your Doctor?: How to Effectively Communicate in a Provider-Patient Encounter by Nicole Defenbaugh, Ph.D., Bloomsburg University
  • Mediation in Everyday Interaction by Kelly Tenzek, Ph.D., Bloomsburg University
  • Communication Research in Video Games by Aaron Trammell, Rutgers University
  • How to sell yourself in 30 seconds by Krysta Julius, Bloomsburg University
  • Communication in the Cancer-Recovery Continuum: Decision making in Topic Avoidance by Maria Venetis, Ph.D., Purdue University
  • 21st Century PR @BUnow by Richard Ganahl, Ph.D., Bloomsburg University
  • Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility by Paul Ziek, Ph.D., Pace University
  • Resume Do’s and Don’ts by Jen Raup, Bloomsburg University
  • Social Media Tools Everyone Should Know by Justin McDonald, Bloomsburg University
  • Professional Networking and Social Media by Sunny Lee, Rutgers University
  • Communication Techniques for Acing the Employment Interview First Impression by Janet Bodenman, Ph.D., Bloomsburg University
  • Subvertising by Alyssa Duksta, Melissa Reichard, and Erin O’Connor, Bloomsburg University
  • Communication “Q&A” With Bloomsburg Faculty by Mary Nagy, Ph.D., Kelly Tenzek, Ph.D., Joe Hassert, Ph.D., Angela LaValley, Ph.D., and Jihyun Kim, Ph.D.