Student work featured at regional research symposium

Student work featured at regional research symposium

A number of Bloomsburg University students displayed research posters at the second annual Susquehanna Valley Undergraduate Research Symposium on Aug. 2 at Geisinger Medical Center’s Henry Hood Center for Health Research.

This symposium, sponsored jointly by the Geisinger Center for Health Research, and Bloomsburg and Bucknell universities, provided an opportunity for students to showcase their research activities, learn about other methods and disciplines and gain the experience of presenting at a professional conference.

Bloomsburg students participating in the symposium and the titles of their posters were:

  • Keaton Bennett: Failure to Attain Preset Isokinetic Target Velocities in Trained Athletes
  • Weston T. Brehm: Determinants of Opposition to and Concern about Natural Gas Extraction
  • Laurel Downs, Michael Grevera and Natalie Wagner presented a poster entitled, A Summer Educational Anthropology and Archaeology Camp Program: Collaboration between Bloomsburg University and the Town of Bloomsburg
  • Ryan Funk: Content Analysis of Medai Reports on Marcellus Shale Drilling
  • Charmiane M. Henderson and Neil T. Sullivan: Evaluating the Cytotoxic Effects of Novel Compounds as Potential Spermicides
  • Robert S. Kresch: Geochemistry of Byer’s Island, Susquehanna River
  • Matthew Miele: Determination of Phase Diagrams of Organic Binary Mixtures by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  • Brock Minnich: Defeating Hunger One Backpack At A Time: A Preliminary Qualitative Analysis and Implementation of Backpack Meal Programs
  • Jimmy Muwombi, Frank Hickman, Nathan Graham and Jeffrey Nuhfer: Community Flood Support: An Application of Public Relations Anthropology in Response to Natural Disaster
  • Christopher J. Normile: Facial Feedback: Buffering Against Social Rejection and Inhibiting Depletion of Mental Resources
  • Kyle Oram: Local News Analysis of Social Implications of Shale Drilling
  • Samantha Pfister: Geochemical Baseline Study of Ten Stream Sites in the Briar Creek Watershed (Columbia County, Pa.) in Relation to Land Use and Geology of the Surrounding Area
  • Franklin E. Rodemer: Water Quality in the Tomhicken Creek
  • Kristen Venditti: Annual Snapshot #4: Susquehanna River Water Chemistry at Milton, Danville, Watsontown, and Shady Nook, Pa.
  • Kendi Waltemyer: A Study of Alexander Caverns: Structural Geology and Water Chemistry
  • Keyanna M. Webb: Boomtown’s Psychological and Social Impacts on Youth
  • Ariana M. Winder: Percutaneous Cholecystostomy Success in High Risk Acute Cholecystitis

The 2011 conference showcased the research of students from Bloomsburg University and Bucknell; this year, the conference expanded to include student research interns at Geisinger and an open invitation to students from other regional universities. Conference organizers were Heather Feldhaus, assistant dean of BU’s College of Liberal Arts; Amy Wolaver, Bucknell Institute for Public Policy, and Judith Argon, Geisinger Center for Health Research.