Spectrum students land several press awards

Spectrum students land several press awards

Spectrum magazine students recently won several awards in the 2010 Pennsylvania Press Club competition, competing against other college publications. This is the 24th year for Spectrum, which has garnered more than 175 staff and individual awards.

The magazine is one of only five college magazines inducted into the Magazine Hall of Fame, hosted at the University of Minnesota. Editor-in-chief is Walter M. Brasch, professor of mass communications.

Award winners included:

  • Megan Angstadt, Spectrum executive editor, was first in news for “Bogus Bucks” in the Summer/Fall 2009 issue and second in features for “Witness to War” in the Winter/Spring 2010 issue.
  • Kimberlee Courtney, managing editor, took first in features for “Cooking Up Change,” in the Winter/Spring 2010 issue.
  • Tiffany Bellum, an assistant editor, took second in online features for “Reflections From a Sun catcher.”

The magazine itself was first in overall design and first in page graphic design. Nicole C. Martinez is the art director.

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