COE faculty, alumni work together to save area schools roughly $80,000

COE faculty, alumni work together to save area schools roughly $80,000

Children’s Choices Initiative Philip Tucker, associate professor of special education, in his role as coordinator of Region I of the Children’s Choices Initiative, recently coordinated a book drive of roughly 4,000 children’s books to local participating schools systems.

Each year the International Reading Association (IRA), the leading professional organization in the area of literacy, unveils the newest books in children’s literature.

Major book publishers provide limited copies of their newest titles through the IRA to be distributed to children in K-6 classrooms in five test regions in the United States.

Children vote on the books to identify the Children’s Choices winners for the year.

Tucker’s collaborative proposal with local school systems was chosen as one of the five test regions for the time period of 2010-12.

Children’s Choices Initiative Tucker has been working with five BU alumni who are employed in schools in the region to distribute multiple copies of approximately 700 different books published in 2011 (for a total of approximately 4,000 books).

The retail value of these books is estimated at approximately $80,000 … thus providing a significant resource to these participating schools. This initiative distributed approximately 3,200 books in 2010-11 under the same program.

Participating schools are allowed to keep the books (at no cost) at the end of the project, thus increasing access of children to books to help literacy endeavors. In 2011, distribution costs for sorting, labeling, as well as transporting the books is being provided through a BU Presidential Strategic Planning Grant of $4,483.

The five alumni participating include Jane Foderaro, Reading Specialist, Freeland Elementary School; Wendy Yurkanin, Reading Specialist, Heights Terrace Elementary School; Hannah Irion: Elementary School Teacher/Reading Specialist, Halifax Elementary School; Erin Morath, Reading Specialist, Kelly Elementary and Linntown Intermediate Schools; Kevin Schadder, Instructional Support teacher, McAdoo-Kelayres Elementary School. #BUServes