Unleash your Inner Husky

Unleash your Inner Husky

A way to play and learn

BU's Toy Library is a first-of-its-kind play and literacy resource center in Central Pennsylvania serving local professionals and paraprofessionals, as well as the Bloomsburg University community — particularly students in volunteer work, service learning, internship and practicum, teaching and clinical work.

Kicking off early literacy programming!

Unleash your Inner Husky

Seizing the opportunity

Bloomsburg University 175th Anniversary

There’s a special dynamic to Bloomsburg University enabling it to cater to just about any student. It’s a comfortable, slow-paced community for some, while a bustling, city-like atmosphere for others. And for Courtney Dunn, a junior English major from Mifflintown, she represents the perfect fit — a small town girl fully enjoying BU’s world of opportunities.

“I quickly fell in love with this place,” Dunn says. “Coming from a rural town, I didn’t want to go to a really big campus. This was nice and humble. I felt right at home.”

Since her freshman year, Dunn has taken advantage of the vibrant student life on campus and the numerous academic opportunities. To her, each semester unveils a new scroll of adventures. #HuskyUnleashed

Tennis teams host Special Olympics clinic

Husky Sports

For the eighth straight year, the Bloomsburg University men's and women's tennis programs are hosting clinics for the Special Olympics volunteering on Monday evenings to work with participants on basic skills. Volunteers are always welcome and no experience is necessary, just a willingness to have some fun. With the help of head coach Marty Coyne and Special Olympics coordinator John Bressler, the program provides eight weeks of training each spring for 10 to 15 athletes. Volunteers are joined by other BU students, along with local high school tennis players. @BUSportsinfo