Anthropology Department News 2008

Anthropology Department News 2008

David Minderhout, professor of anthropology and former BU student Andrea Frantz, have published a book, the culmination of several years of research with Native Americans in Pennsylvania. The book, is entitled, “Invisible Indians: Native Americans in Pennsylvania, and has been published by Cambria Press. It is available directly through Cambria's website or through Amazon.ISBN13: 9781604975116
“This book is a much-needed addition to the literature on Native American identity today––the critical issue in contemporary Native American politics. The book also debunks the official state stance that no Native Americans exist in Pennsylvania.” (cited from the Cambria webpage)

In addition, Dr. Minderhout and Ms. Frantz, presented two papers: One at the Ethnography & Education Research Forum at the University of Pennsylvania on February 29, 2008. The paper was entitled "Native Americans in the Pennsylvania K-12 Curriculum." The second, at the annual meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology, on March 27, 2008, entitled "Pennsylvania's Native Americans in the K-12 Curriculum." Minderhout and Frantz, published articles in the Spring issue of Human Organization, and the journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology (Vol. 67, No. 1, pp. 61-67), entitled "Invisible Indians: Native Americans in Pennsylvania." They also have an article in the international journal, Museum Management and Curatorship, entitled "The Museum of Indian Culture and Lenape Identity."

We are proud of our Spring and Summer 2008 Graduates.
18 students received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology:
  • William A. Ashton
  • Rachael Bennington
  • Jennifer M. Binder
  • Kevin J. Coyle
  • Tyler A. Fenstermacher
  • Jessica A. Fiedor
  • Shannon Elizabeth Funk
  • Amber Michelle Gregory
  • Lauren Ann Hagan
  • Kristina Rose Hunt
  • Matthew I. Lichtner
  • Adrienne Sage Mael
  • Andrew O'Donnell
  • Doreen O'Donnell
  • Angela Pollits
  • Judith A. Steinhilper
  • Daisha Weatherbe
  • Lynn R. Yocum

The Anthropology Department Annual Student Awards Committee usually recognizes one senior and one junior each year for their outstanding achievements. This year (2008) the committee had so many outstanding students to choose from it was decided that two students from each category would be honored. Therefore, the students who were awarded the honor of Outstanding Senior in Anthropology were Jessica Fiedor and Adrienne Mael, while Daniel Brown and Aleksandra Fedunchak were recognized with the Outstanding Anthropology Junior Awards. The students received their awards at the Bloomsburg University College of Liberal Arts Awards Ceremony, on Sunday April 27th. Each student was brought to the podium and given an award plaque by the Department Chair Dr. Susan Dauria. Dr. Conrad Quintyn also participated in the ceremony and the plaques were provided by the dean of the College of Liberal Arts. In the photo, from left to right, are Jessica Fiedor, Adrienne Mael, and Dan Brown.

News (pictures and quotes) from the BU Today page:

BU Anthropologist helps Girl Scouts learn about Mayan textiles

Junior Girl Scout Troop 2422, headed by Carol Moore (nursing) learned about Mayan culture and women's traditional dress from Mayan specialist, Faith Warner (anthropology). Shown from left with Warner (back) are scouts Alison Moore, Carissa Mazeika, Sarah Ventura, Maddie Harder, Maddie Snyder, and Rebecca Lowe.

Anthropology researchers - Shown from left are: faculty member Faith Warner, students Jessica Fiedor, Kevin Coyle, Angela Pollits, Lauren Demberg, Judith Steinhilper, faculty member DeeAnne Wymer, students Daniel Brown, Matthew Roth, Shaina Rae, Aaron Arters, Aleksandra Fedunchak, and Lauren Hagan.

Anthropology students present research at system conference

Twelve BU anthropology students presented research at the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) Undergraduate Anthropology Research Conference held at Mansfield University on April 12 and 13. DeeAnne Wymer and Faith R. Warner, Anthropology, accompanied the students.

The student presentations were:

  • Kevin Coyle, "American, Through the Eyes of Eirinn."
  • Shaina E. Rae, "Dungeons and Dragons and the People within the Subculture."
  • Daniel C. Brown, "See One, Do One, Teach One: The Culture and Context of Japanese-Bladesmithing.
  • Matthew Roth, "All by Myself": An Ethnography of How College Students Spend Alone-Time."
  • Jessica Fiedor, "The Pocket Protector Strikes Back: Geeks, Identity, and the Mainstream."
  • Aaron Arters, "Complementary Medicine and Gender Differences in a University Community."
  • Aleksandra Fedunchak, "Exercise and Healthy Lifestyles in the United States: Applying Fitness Anthropology in a University Setting."
  • Lauren Demberg, "Experiences of Student Smokers on a University Campus."
  • Carolyn Barber, "The Difficulties In Determining Race Using Statistical Programs."
  • Judith Steinhilper, "The Analysis of Paleoethnobotanical Data from the Brown's Bottom 1 (33RO21) Site: Intra-Site Variability."
  • Angela Pollits, "A View from The Past: The Brown's Bottom 1 and Lady's Run Sites and the Question of Hopewell Domestic Localities."
  • Lauren Hagan, "A Tale of Two Houses: A Comparison of Two Hopewell Domestic Structures."

Seven Anthropology students presented research projects at the Annual BU Frederick Douglass Research Conference, April 17 and 18th, 2008. Dr. Susan R. Dauria and Dr. Conrad Quintyn served as panel discussants at the conference. The students pictured above presented research on various child-training techniques from around the world, which was the culmination of research in Dr. Dauria’s Socialization of the Child course. They are, from left to right, Kevin Coyle (Carlyle Schools, native children), Tarah Henrie (the Navajo), Giselle Lara (Mubuti Pygmies), and Dan Brown (Tiawanese). Three students, not pictured, from Dr. Dauria’s Research and Writing class also presented research: Daisha Weatherbe (forensic anthropology), Matt Lichtner (Islamic culture), Tyler Powell (Hawaiian native issues).

Anthropology students invited to present research at national conference

Anthropology majors Judith Steinhilper, Matthew Roth and Aleksandra Fedunchak (shown from left) have received invited status to present their faculty-mentored research at the American Anthropological Association's Annual Meetings in San Francisco in November 2008. For the first time, the AAA Executive Program Committee has invited undergraduate anthropology students to present their research at the national venue on a poster session titled "First Rites: Innovative Undergraduate Research." Steinhilper, who is mentored by DeeAnne Wymer will present her paleoethnobotanical research on the Hopewell culture. Roth and Fedunchak, mentored by Faith Warner, will present their ethnographic research relating to the use of leisure time and health behaviors. They will share their invited distinction with 37 students nation-wide representing 19 educational institutions.

BU students mentors for migrant event

Eleven Bloomsburg University students served as mentors for migrant high school students for the 11th annual Migrant Education Leadership Day on April 19. The migrant education students were brought to campus by the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit from Hazelton and Scranton. The Migrant Education Leadership event featured a talk about getting into college, tours of campus, lunch and recreation. The BU student mentors were Frederick Douglass Learning community students and Anthropology majors from Sue Dauria's classes. For more information contact Jean Downing in the SOLVE office or Susan Dauria in anthropology.

Anthropology Honors Society inducts 16 new members

BU's Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society Anthropology, Zeta Chapter inducted 16 new members in April. Faculty member DeeAnne Wymer who presented "The Past Less Travelled: My Journey as an Archaeologist." Students were inducted by the current officers Adrienne Mael, Judith Steinhilper, Jessica Fiedor, and Carolyn Barber. Faith Warner is chapter advisor and representative of the East on the National Executive Board. Judith Steinhilper was selected as Zeta chapter's nominee for the National Lambda Alpha Scholarship Award. New Inductees are: Jennifer Binder; Daniel Brown; Kevin Coyle; Jessica Dowsett; Aleksandra Fedunchak; Jacqueline Flynn; Julianne Funk; Lauren Hagan; Kristina Hunt; Mandy Leftwich; Sara Miesemer; Tyler Powell; Lori Reese; Matthew Roth; Kristy Westbrook and Jerome Sassani.

Discussing humananity's origins

"Paleoanthropologist Meave Leakey talked about personal experiences from nearly 40 years as a paleontologist and anthropologist to a crowd of several hundred Tuesday evening [4-1-08] in Mitrani Hallas part of the Provost's Lecture Series." In addition to the Tuesday night lecture, Dr. Leakey had breakfast on April 2nd with Anthropology majors and answered their questions. The department feels priviledged to have had such an important figure in Anthropology visit our campus.

David Minderhout and Andrea Frantz

"David Minderhout, professor of anthropology, and former BU student, Andrea Frantz, presented a paper at the annual meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology on March 27, 2008. The meetings were held in Memphis, TN, and the title of the presentation was 'Pennsylvania's Native Americans in the K-12 Curriculum.' Ms. Frantz is a graduate student in anthropology at Arizona State University."

Outstanding BU Women honored

"Alicia King Redfern was honored as BU's Woman of the Year at the Women's History Month Reception in the Kehr Union Ballroom last Thursday. Student Nicole Jabbour was named Outstanding Leader; student Adrienne Mael was named Outstanding Scholar; residence life director Linda Sowash was honored for Outstanding Service; and faculty member Bridget Klein was honored for Outstanding Courage.

Outstanding BU Women Award winners were, from left: student Nicole Jabbour, Outstanding Leader; student Adrienne Mael, Outstanding Scholar; Alicia King Redfern, BU's Woman of the Year; residence life director Linda Sowash, Outstanding Service; and faculty member Bridget Klein, Outstanding Courage.

......Mael, an anthropology major, has conducted research on attitudes of BU students toward marriage, family and divorce. She has presented her findings at a national conference as well as campus."

DR. MEAVE LEAKEY is visiting campus Tuesday, April 1, giving the lecture "My Life in Science: An Evening with Meave Leakey" at 7:00 pm in the Mitrani Hall, Haas Center for the Arts! This lecture is free and open to the public. We thank Provost Mackin for making this Provost's Lecture Event possible. Anthropology majors and minors are invited to have breakfast with Dr. Leakey on April 2 and participate in a workshop/discussion. Call the Anthropology Dept. for more information.

Anthropology students present research

Anthropology seniors presented their research at the 107th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings in San Francisco on Nov. 22. Matthew Roth displayed his research "All by Myself": An Ethnography of How College Students Spend Alone-Time and Aleksandra Fedunchak presented Exercise and Healthy Lifestyles in the United States: Applying Fitness Anthropology in a University Setting. The two students conducted the research in Faith Warner's ethnographic methods course in spring 2008.

The BU President Dr. David Soltz met the students who received presentation awards in the student colloquium of "Building An Understanding Bridge Across the Pacific Ocean: A Student Colloquium on the U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century." These students are, from left to right, Zachary L. Graybill, history; Austin S. Brunson, political science; Daniel C. Brown, anthropology; and Jan Schwabe, political science; with president David Soltz and political science faculty member Sheng Ding. Stasia Rudiman, criminal justice, is not shown in the photo.

Dr. Minderhout was interviewed on PCN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network, in Harrisburg on Tuesday, December 2 about the book Andrea Frantz and he published this past May. The hour long televised program will air on the PCN channel and on C-SPAN in January. Minderhout and Frantz are designing exhibits for the Friends of Shikellamy State Park in Sunbury and the Northampton Historical and Genealogical Society in Easton.

Dr. David Minderhout will present a lecture, “Native Americans in Pennsylvania Today,” in Pittsburgh on November 4, 2008. The lecture is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Federal Executive Board’s Native American Heritage Committee, in honor of Native American Month in Pennsylvania. The talk will be given at the Federal Building in downtown Pittsburgh.

Dr. Minderhout and Andrea Frantz have been notified that their article, “Native Americans in the Pennsylvania K-12 Curriculum,” will be published in the Winter issue of Practicing Anthropology, a journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology

Dr. Susan R. Dauria was invited to present her research on the Bloomsburg Fair at Bucknell University. She spoke as part of their Anthropology/Sociology Department luncheon series. The presentation was entitled, "Studying the Exotic at Home: Research with the Bloomsburg Fair."

David Minderhout and Andrea Frantz will present an invited paper at the annual conference of the Popular Culture Society in Louisville, Kentucky on October 10. The paper is entitled “Popular Culture and Native American Identity.” They are also finalists for the society’s Jerome Stearn Award for Best Essay of 2008.

David Minderhout and Andrea Frantz have created a website, based on their research with Native Americans in Pennsylvania. The site is located at The site was designed primarily for K-12 teachers in PA and is entitled “Pennsylvania’s Native Americans: Online Resources of Educators.” However, the site can be of general interest to anyone who is interested in Native Americans. The site was constructed by former anthropology major Brian Boyce with the support of the Institute for Interactive Technology.

David Minderhout and Andrea Frantz spent the summer working as researchers for the Eastern Delaware Nations, collecting oral histories and genealogies and doing archival research for the EDN’s “Our Stories, Our Future” project. The information collected will be stored at the EDN’s planned library and culture center at Wyalusing, PA. This is an on-going project funded in part by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and the Allen F. Pierce Foundation. The project also involves inventorying and cataloguing materials at local libraries and county historical societies in PA’s northeastern counties.

David Minderhout and Andrea Frantz have been named to the Planning Committee of the Northampton County Historical Society as they begin building a museum which will contain an exhibit about the Lenape. They have also been added to the board of the Susquehanna River Heartland Humanities Council, which is housed at Bucknell University. On September 12 they will present a talk on Native American Agriculture in PA at the Third Annual “Cultures on the Confluence” symposium sponsored by Bucknell and the Council.

On September 13, Minderhout and Frantz are invited guests at the new “Fulfilling a Prophecy: The Past and Present of the Lenape in Pennsylvania” exhibit opening at the Anthropology Museum at the University of Pennsylvania. They contributed background information to the museum and the exhibit designer for the exhibit.

The pair will have two articles published this fall, one for Studies in American Culture and one for the Cultural Survival Quarterly. They will be invited speakers at the national conference on the Society for American Popular Culture on October 10.