ACCUPLACER Placement Testing

Registration Form

Please note: May test dates and times will be posted in a couple of weeks. Thank you!

This form is for Freshmen (*excluding ACT 101 students-see below) only! All freshmen (including international students) are required to complete the ACCUPLACER Placement Test, which is only administered at Bloomsburg University.

** Please do not sign up for testing unless you have been contacted by the Office of Planning and Assessment by letter and/or e-mail **


*Act 101/EOP students will be notified by Act 101/EOP 570-389-4492 of testing dates, not by the Office of Planning and Assessment! Students who require accommodations, other than extended time and have documentation, must contact the Office of Accommodative Services for Students with Disabilities,


**Before signing up for a test date and time, please make sure you do not have any scheduled commitment(s), such as concerts, sporting events, or family gatherings, that may conflict with the test date and time you select. This is to ensure efficient test scheduling**

You will receive an official confirmation e-mail via your BU email address of your scheduled test date, time, and Bloomsburg University testing location from the Office of Planning and Assessment within 4 to 6 business days.

If you need to cancel and/or reschedule the test date and time you have selected, please contact The Office of Planning and Assessment via email or phone 570-389-2998. Please do not just re-register online. Thank you for your cooperation!


** Email address is required for purposes of sending test date/time/location confirmation**