Health Physics (B.S.)

Health Physics (B.S.)

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Dr. Peter Stine, Chair
Karen Neese, Secretary | email
G05 Hartline Science Center
400 East Second Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Phone: 570-389-4109
Fax: 570-389-3059

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The health physics profession is diverse and one of the most interesting and rewarding fields of scientific endeavor. Across the nation there has been an extended shortage of health physicists, so today there are excellent prospects for professional employment immediately upon graduation from Bloomsburg. Qualified Bloomsburg graduates are sought by nationally recognized graduate programs at Ohio State University, University of Florida and Texas A&M University.

Health Physics is devoted to protecting people and their environment from potential radiation hazards, while making it possible to enjoy the benefits of the peaceful use of the atom. It has common scientific interests with many areas of specialization, including physics, biology, engineering, chemistry, environmental sciences and medicine. Health physicists are engaged in a variety of occupations, including the power industry and the environmental and regulatory agencies of government. Also, they work in research laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing, where they assist with medically beneficial uses of radiation.

A number of the required courses in health physics also satisify general education requirements of the university, so you'll work with your adviser to organize the balance of required courses and electives to match your interests and career goals.

As a health physics major, you'll take classes in general physics, modern atomic physics, electronics, radiation physics, health physics and applied health physics, as well as in-depth study of nuclear radiation. Three semesters of calculus, courses in probability and statistics, differential equations and algorithmic processes for computers provide the mathematics background you'll need. Other science classes will include two in chemistry, two in biology and a course in radiation biology.