Police Personnel

Police Personnel

Our department provides a wide variety of services to the university's students, faculty, staff and visitors.

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to maintain a safe and peaceful environment, conducive to the educational, research, and recreational activities taking place on campus.

Our web page is provided to increase the overall awareness of crime prevention services available to the public and crime prevention measures individuals can take while conducting their day-to-day activities on and off campus. While criminal activity is not prevalent on campus, we realize that crime can strike any time and any place. We further realize the importance of crime prevention education as a deterrent.

All of our police officers are trained, authorized, and duty bound to enforce federal, state and local laws as well as all university rules, regulations, policies and procedures.


Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Tom Phillips Director 570-389-4775 tphilli2@bloomu.edu
Joe Wondoloski Assistant Director 570-389-4037 jwondolo@bloomu.edu
Paul Allen Sergeant, BUPD, 2nd Shift 570-389-2211 pallen@bloomu.edu
Heather Comstock Sergeant, BUPD, 3rd Shift 570-389-2211 hcomstoc@bloomu.edu
Andrew Hirko Sergeant, BUPD, 2nd Shift 570-389-2211 ahirko@bloomu.edu
Kenneth Eagan Sergeant, BUPD, 1st Shift 570-389-2211 keagan@bloomu.edu
Robert Neiderhiser, II Sergeant, BUPD, 3rd Shift 570-389-2211 rneiderh@bloomu.edu
Daniel Pitonyak Corporal, BUPD 570-389-2211 dpitonya@bloomu.edu
Daniel Erdman Corporal, BUPD 570-389-2211 derdman@bloomu.edu
Jeff Bachinger Patrolman, BUPD 570-389-2211 jbaching@bloomu.eduu
Kevin Comstock Patrolman, BUPD, part-time 570-389-2211 kcomstoc@bloomu.edu
Jason Gottstein Patrolman, BUPD, part-time 570-389-2211 jgottste@bloomu.edu
Adam Lawton Patrolman, BUPD 570-389-2211 alawton@bloomu.edu
Scott Levan Patrolman, BUPD 570-389-2211 rlevan@bloomu.edu
Elijah Middaugh Patrolman, BUPD 570-389-2211 emiddaug@bloomu.edu
Allison Souchuck Patrolman, BUPD 570-389-2211 asouchuc@bloomu.edu
Kirk Artley Security Officer 570-389-2211 kartley@bloomu.edu
Joseph Clauser Security Officer 570-389-2211 jclauser@bloomu.edu
Alisa Dodge Security Officer 570-389-2211 adodge@bloomu.edu
Christine Miccio Security Officer 570-389-2211 cmiccio@bloomu.edu
Alexander Karpinski Security Officer 570-389-2211 akarpins@bloomu.edu
Nicholas Rockey Security Officer 570-389-2211 nrockey@bloomu.edu
Brandon Welch Security Officer 570-389-2211 bwelch@bloomu.edu
Theresa Yerger Security Officer 570-389-2211 tyerger@bloomu.edu
Support Staff
Sue Snyder Administrative Assistant 570-389-4949 ssnyder@bloomu.edu
Jamie Tingley Clerk Typist 2 570-389-4768 jtingley@bloomu.edu