PRP 3452 - Course Repeat (Prior Version)

PRP 3452 - Course Repeat (Prior Version)

Issued By: Wilson G. Bradshaw, Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs

Effective Date: 6/3/97

Notes: Endorsed by BUCC April 3, 1991. Presented as information item to University Forum April 24, 1991. Revised by BUCC 10/25/95. Presented to University Forum November 8, 1995. Revised by BUCC 2/12/97. Presented to University Forum April 2,1997.


A maximum of four courses numbered 100 and above in which grades of C-,D+, D or E have been recorded may be repeated. The initial grade remains on the transcript and is part of the student's permanent record. Quality points are awarded for the grade of the repeated course only. The grade of the repeated course is part of the permanent record and is used to calculate the student's quality point average. Multiple repeats of the same course are considered as one repeat. A course taken at Bloomsburg University in which a grade of C-,D+, D or E has been earned and repeated at another institution of higher education is included in the permitted maximum number of repeats.