PRP 4424 - Health History Record Policy

PRP 4424 - Health History Record Policy

Issued by: Jerrold A. Griffis, Vice President for Student Life

Effective Date: February, 1985

Notes: President's Cabinet Revised Dash Form Policy in February 1985. Revision Approved by Health Services Advisory in February, 1986.

All students admitted to Bloomsburg University are required to have a completed health history record on file in the Student Health Center. This policy applies to all students who pay a health fee. Those students who do not have a completed health history on file will have access only to the self care unit. Access to medical treatment from the professional staff, University physicians and Registered nurses, will be available to only those individuals with a completed health history record.

Failure to submit a Health History record to the Health Center by newly admitted students will result in a hold being placed on the student's registration. (See Immunization Policy)

A Health History record will be considered current for five academic years. After this period, if the student has not been seen by the professional staff, a student must submit a new health history record to have full medical access to the Student Health Center services.