Changing your major to psychology

Changing your major to psychology

Many students change their major at least once as they move through their college career. If you change your major to Psychology keep in mind that the General Education Requirements and the University Requirements for Graduation remain the same. If you go to the Program Information webpage you will find a great deal of information about the psychology major.

Caution: You may not finish your degree in four years

One of the most important questions you must ask yourself is whether changing majors will require that you take longer than the standard 4 years to complete your degree — and if so, are you willing to take that extra time in college? The psychology major includes a sequence of courses that form the prerequisite foundation for most of the upper level courses. This series of prerequisite courses requires 3 semesters. See more about the requirements for a psychology major here.

Caution: Switching to Increase your GPA is a Poor Decision

Occasionally students who do not have the required GPA to enter or remain in their chosen field will switch to psychology with the goal of increasing their GPA and then returning to their original major. This is NOT a good idea. The psychology major is the 3rd most difficult major on campus (based average GPA by major). Our core curriculum consists of statistical and experimental methodology, therefore your first courses as a psychology major will be Basic Statistics and Experimental Methodology. If your only interest in psychology is to increase your GPA you should meet with your advisor to work out a different solution to your problem.