Department of Psychology Faculty and Staff

Department of Psychology Faculty and Staff

Department of Psychology

2102 McCormick Center | 570-389-4471

Psychology Department
McCormick Center for Human Services
Bloomsburg University
400 East Second Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815-1301

Julie M. Kontos, Professor, Department Chair

    2103 McCormick Center | 570-389-4471 | Education: B.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia

Kevin T. Ball, Associate Professor

    2110 McCormick Center | 570-389-4513 | Education: B.A., Bloomsburg University, Ph.D., Indiana University (Bloomington) | Courses: Behavioral Neuroscience, Experimental Methods, Experimental Applications, Basic Statistics | Research Areas: Neuropsychopharmacology of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Brett L. Beck, Professor

    2139 McCormick Center | 570-389-4477 | Education: A.A., James H. Faulkner State Junior College; B.A., University of West Florida; Ph.D., University of Alabama

Kambon Camara, Assistant Professor

    2178 McCormick Center | 570-389-4339 | Education: B.S., Florida A & M University; M.S., University of Wisconsin-Stout

George Chavez, Assistant Professor

    2115 McCormick Center | 570-389-4957 | | Education: B.A., New York University; M.S., Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey | Courses: General Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment, Psychology of Gender | Research Interests (Social Psychology): Ambiguous social categorization, metacognition, racial and gender identity, lay theories of social categories, confidence and uncertainty.

Winona J. Cochran, Professor

    2156 McCormick Center | 570-389-4474 | Education: A.S., Dalton Junior College; B.S. University of Tennessee; M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia

Amy Covill, Associate Professor

    2121 McCormick Center | 570-389-4990 | Education: B.A., Colgate University; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Washington (Seattle) | Courses: Cognitive Psychology, Early Child Development, Cognitive Development, Psychological Foundations of Education, Life Span Psychology, and Seminar: Advanced Language Study | Research Interests: The development of writing skill, cognitive processes involved in writing, and applications of psychology to learning and teaching

James H. Dalton, Jr., Professor

    2116 McCormick Center | 570-389-4475 | Education: B.A., King College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut | Courses: Community Psychology, Psychological Disorders, Psychology of Adjustment, and Psychology Practicum | Academic Area: Community Psychology; Advisory Board Chair and Learning Community Faculty, Frederick Douglass Institute; Co-Editor, Education Connection, The Community Psychologist; Member, Council of Educational Programs, Society for Community Research and Action

Nancy Giles, Assistant Professor

    2114 McCormick Center | 570-389-4283 | Education: B.A., University of North Texas; M.A., University of West Florida; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison | Courses: Life Span Psychology, Psychological Tests and Measurements, Early Childhood, Transitions to Adolescence, and Middle Childhood Cognitive Development | Previous Position: Research Associate at the Waisman Center at UW-Madison & Associate Lecturer for the UW Department of Education Psychology | Research Interests: Teaching and learning of lower achieving students; Cognitive and language development in children and adolescents with cognitive disabilities

Jennifer A. Johnson, Associate Professor

    2122 McCormick Center | 570-389-4635 | Education: B.A., Bucknell University; Ph.D., McGill University | Courses: Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Experimental Psychology: Research Methodology, Experimental Psychology: Applications, Cognitive Psychology, Seminars (Sensation and Perception; Mythbusters: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Psychology) | Academic areas: Experimental Psychology, Cognition, Cognitive Neuroscience | Research areas: Factors that influence attention; Good Work in higher education; Music cognition

Mary Jo Larcom, Assistant Professor

    2141 McCormick Center | 570-389-4479 | Education: B.A., Bloomsburg University; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts | Courses: Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Experimental Psychology: Methodology, Experimental Psychology: Applications, Lifespan Psychology | Research Interests (Social Developmental Psychology): Age-related changes in emotion recognition and emotion regulation; the effect of current mood on interpretations of emotionally ambiguous stimuli in younger, middle-aged, older and adults; emotional development during adulthood.

Jeffrey D. Leitzel, Associate Professor

    2123 McCormick Center | 570-389-4232 | | Education: B.S., Pennsylvania State University, M.A., Marywood College, Ph.D., Marywood University | Courses: Psychology of Adjustment, Basic Statistics, Introduction to Abnormal Psychology, Adolescent Development, Life Span Psychology, Early Child Development, Psychological Aspects of Social Issues, Advanced Experimental Design | Academic Areas: Human Development/Counseling Psychology | Specialty Areas: Adolescent Psychopathology, Assessment, Program Evaluation, Advanced Statistical Computing

Marion G. Mason, Professor

    2140 McCormick Center | 570-389-4910 | Education: A.A., Oklahoma City Community College, B.S., Southern Nazarene University; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University | Courses: General Psychology, Theory and Practice of Academic Psychology, Life Span Psychology, Adulthood and Aging | Academic Areas: Adult Development, Aging, and Gerontology | Research Areas: Moral Development, Interpersonal Forgiveness

Eric Stouffer, Associate Professor

    2142 McCormick Center | 570-389-4473 | Education: A.A., Hagerstown Community College; B.A., Shepherd University; M.A., Towson University; Ph.D., McGill University | Courses: Psychology of Learning, Basic Statistics, Experimental Psychology: Methodology, Experimental Psychology: Applications, Behavioral Neuroscience | Academic areas: Learning, Experimental Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience | Research areas: My research focuses on the brain structures and systems that underlie latent learning (the unintentional acquisition of neutral environmental information that does not immediately influence behavior) and memory in rats. I am also very interested in changes in learning and memory during aging, as well as possible treatments for age-related declines in learning and memory, such as diet and physical exercise.

Joseph G. Tloczynski, Professor

    2117 McCormick Center | 570-389-4472 | Education: B.A., Bloomsburg State College; M.A., West Chester University; Ph.D., Lehigh University | Courses Taught: General Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment, Basic Statistics, Theories of Personality, Principles of Behavior Modification, Psychology Seminar in "Psychology of Religion and Spirituality", Psychology Seminar in "Paranormal Psychology" | Research Interests: My research program examines how manipulating our consciousness through meditation, prayer, and/or spirituality can enhance our personality, self-control, stress management, and well-being. My current research looks at the effects of meditation and prayer on spirituality, anxiety, stress, physical well-being, and sense of/modes of control.

John E. Waggoner, Professor

    2124 McCormick Center | 570-389-4478 | Education: B.A., Shippensburg State College; M.S., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Mary Katherine Waibel-Duncan, Professor, Joan and Fred Miller Distinguished Professor of Good Work

    2111 McCormick Center | 570-389-4469 | Education: B.A,. Bryn Mawr College; M.S., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University | Courses Taught: Early Child Development, Basic Statistics, Developmental Psychopathology, Psychology Seminar on Child Maltreatment, Psychology Seminar on Positive Psychology | Research Interests: child psychology, developmental psychopathology, child maltreatment