Psychology Teaching Assistants

Psychology Teaching Assistants

John Muench

Major: Psychology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Trucksville, PA
“What I like most about psych is understanding how people think and react and why.”

Taylor Faraldo

Major: Psychology; Minor: Sociology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
“What I enjoy most about psychology is being able to apply my personal interests of mental disorders to promote health and satisfaction of life.”

Vanessa Slotterback

Major: Psychology & Criminal Justice
Year: Senior
Hometown: Elysburg, PA
“In psychology, I enjoy neuroscience and the Psychology Today website!”

Brian Hutchison

Major: Psychology and Philosophy
Year: Senior
Hometown: Gettysburg, PA
“What I enjoy most about psychology is experimental psychology, especially research on psychological disorders and their treatments.”

Candace DeMarco

Major: Psychology; Minor: Anthropology
Hometown: Berwick, PA
“I enjoy studying Psychology, because of the many interesting career paths to choose from and the knowledge that no matter what I choose I will be helping others.”

Cassandra McMillen

Major: Psychology and Anthropology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Honesdale, PA
“What I enjoy most about Psychology is developing an understanding of how your brain works.”

Jacob Kelley

Major: Psychology and Interpersonal communication studies
Year: Senior
Hometown: Berwick, PA
“I enjoy learning about how to understand people through psychology.”

Nicole Pastore

Major: Psychology; Minor: Anthropology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Berkeley Heights, NJ
“I love the way psychology gives me different perspectives on why some people do the things they do so that I have a better understanding.”

Patrick McBrearty

Major: Psychology; Minor: Business administration
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
“What I enjoy most about psychology is that without data, it’s just your opinion.”

Francesca Elezovic

Major: Psychology; Minor: Gender Studies
Year: Senior
Hometown: Malvern, PA
“What I like most about psychology is that there are so many areas that you can explore and study. I feel it liberating and exciting. I never feel limited in my major.”