Change Majors and Add Minors

Change Majors and Add Minors

Majors that need permission

American Sign Language (ASL)
Audiology & Speech Pathology
Biology (all tracks-unless already a Biology or Health Sciences major)
Business Education
Chemistry (all tracks)
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Digital Forensics
Economics (all tracks)
Education (all tracks)
English (all tracks)
Exercise Science
Health Sciences (all tracks-unless already a Health Sciences or Biology major)
Information & Tech. Management
Interdisciplinary Studies-Advanced Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies-University Studies
Management supply chain track (unless already a management major)
Supply Chain Management Major
Marketing-Professional Writing
Mass Comm. (all tracks)
Mathematics (all tracks)
Medical Imaging
Music (all tracks)
Social Work and Pre-Social Work

Students who want to change or add majors and minors need to fill out the appropriate paperwork at the Office of the Registrar, Student Services Center 150. For minors paperwork will then need to be taken to the academic department for their signature.

In order to change or add majors (adding a double, dual or triple major) students may need to get permission from certain departments before they can be placed into that major. A list is provided below of the majors that need permission and those that do not. If a major needs permission, the student must go to the department to receive permission in writing before filling out a change of major form in the Office of the Registrar.

Majors that do not need permission

Anthropology (all tracks)
Art History
Art Studio (all tracks)
Communication Studies (all tracks)
EGGS (all tracks)
Electrical Engineering Tech.
Engineering Science (3+2)
**Geography (all tracks)
**Geoscience (all tracks)
Health Physics
Languages & Cultures (all tracks)
Political Science
Theatre Arts (all tracks)
**Student must be admitted prior to Fall 2012.