Technology Transfer and Commercialization

Technology Transfer and Commercialization

PASSHE along with representitives of each PASSHE univeristy have recently instituted services to support faculty in protecting and commercializing intellectual property, specifically inventions and discoveries.  These services are available to all faculty and staff that the univeristy at no cost to the person should that person chose to take advantage of the services.  This service can take you from the first initial filling all the way through the commercializing of the property.


Not sure what Intellectual Property is or how it is important to you?  For a review of the basics of manageing intellectual property please visit the Intellecutal Property Toolbox.

Intellectual Property Toolbox



More information on Technology Transfer can be found on the PASSHE Technology Transfer site.  Forms and information on this topic are constantly changing so much of the information is held on one site so that you will have the most current documentation and information.

PASSHE Technology Transfer Site



Helpful Technology Guides


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