Noreen Chikotas, associate professor of nursing

Noreen Chikotas, associate professor of nursing

Noreen Chikotas Noreen Chikotas, D.Ed., and Michelle Ficca, Ph.D., both associate professors of nursing, participated in the recent Quality and Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN) Faculty Development Workshop in Orlando, Fla. The workshop aims to develop the capacity of graduate nursing faculty to teach other graduate-level faculty to incorporate quality and safety competencies and content into their programs. The training workshops targeted faculty in graduate-level programs and their clinical partners to assure that the full diversity of graduate education, such as public health or systems management, is represented.

Chikotas and Ficca also gave a podium presentation, An Interprofessional Education Initiative Utilizing Standardized Patients with Advanced Practice Nursing Students at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing 2013 Master’s Education Conference, held in conjunction with the QSEN workshops.

Scholarship 2011

October — Noreen Chikotas, D.Ed., associate professor of nursing, presented “Urinary Tract Infections and the Relation to Health Behaviors: A Research Study” on Oct. 5-9 at the peer-reviewed American College of Nurse Practitioner 2011 Clinical Conference, Denver. The poster presented disseminated information from a quantitative research study, which explored the relationship between health behaviors (risk factors) and the occurrence of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in college-aged women which was conducted and completed in 2009 from within the Bloomsburg University Student Health Center. The conference reaches roughly 3,000 nurse practitioners in clinical practice nationally and has added to the evidence based research in the area of UTI and current health behaviors of college-age women.

January — Noreen Chikotas, D.Ed., and Kimberly Owelski, instructor of nursing, and Carol I Parks, registered nurse of PPL Corporation of Berwick, recently had two manuscripts, “Comprehensive Review of the Healthy People 2020 Occupational Safety and Health Objectives: Tools for the Occupational Health Nurse in Goal Attainment: Part I and Part II,” accepted for publication in the peer reviewed journal American Association of Occupational Health Nurses. The group believes a comprehensive review of the Occupational Health Goals of the Healthy People 2020 document were important to all nurses practicing in the occupational health realm. These manuscripts provide all occupational health nurses with the tools to implement the objectives of Healthy People 2020 to reach goal attainment in the area of occupational and environmental health.