Nathaniel Greene, professor of physics

Nathaniel Greene, professor of physics

Nathaniel Greene,
Nathaniel Greene, Ph.D., professor of physics and engineering technology, and Jeff Brunskill, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Envionmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences, recently received a $39,900 E2 Energy to Educate grant from Constellation Energy to support the BU energy monitoring kiosk.

The grant was one of 14 awarded by Constellation Energy. The kiosk is the second phase of BU's solar project.

In the first phase, a 14-panel, 3.5 kilowatt array was installed. Generated power is tied to the campus electrical grid and eligible for Pennsylvania solar alternative energy credits. The E2 Energy to Educate grant supports construction of an educational interface to share information about campus energy use and the BU solar panels via an interactive digital display, energy meters and a two-axis solar panel that tracks the sun in real time.

Scholarship 2011

May — Greene, Ph.D., received a 2011 Pennsylvania Waste Watcher award for “outstanding commitment to recycling, waste reduction and reuse in the state of Pennsylvania” by the Professional Recyclers of PA organization for his work in designing and installing a biofuel heating system at the Bloomsburg Recycling Center. The system, which burns used vegetable oil as well as motor oil, is beginning its second heating season.

Scholarship 2010

January — Greene, Ph.D., and Brian Filko, fourth-year BU student completing undergraduate engineering work at Penn State, published an article in the January '10 issue of Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics. The paper, “Animal-eyeball vs. road-sign retroreflectors,” compares the optical properties of animal eyeshine and man-made reflectors.

Scholarship 2009

August — Greene, Ph.D., wrote an Energy Harvest grant, "Bloomsburg University Wood-Chip Boiler Replacement of Coal Stoker," which was awarded $500,000 by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on Aug. 26.

The project was developed in collaboration with Eric Milner, assistant vice president of administration. Siemens Corporation has been selected to retrofit BU's central steam heating plant to burn biomass fuel (wood chips) in a new, high-capacity boiler. When the project is completed, the heating plant will have the flexibility to burn wood chips, natural gas, and coal, with the latter being significantly reduced.