Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus, professor of languages and cultures

Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus, professor of languages and cultures

Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus, Ph.D., of language and cultures, recently published the critical anthology “La escritura de mujeres en Puerto Rico a finales del siglo XX y principios del XXI (The Writings of Puerto Rican Female Writers at the end of the 20th Century and beginning of the 21st Century).” The anthology is a collection of essays written by Latin American studies scholars and Hidalgo de Jesus (Part III: six essays) teaching in American and Puerto Rican universities, among them our colleague Patricia Dorame-Holoviak, Ph.D.

Hidalgo de Jesús presented the anthology, “Women of Color in Higher education (co-editor Dr. Vivian Yenika-Agbaw, Penn State),” at the Congreso Internacional de Escritoras in la Ciudad de Panama, Panama. She also published several encyclopedia entries on the “World Literature in Spanish.”

She also read her creative work and co-facilitated a creative writing workshop for Panamenian children. She is also part of the advisory board of the referee journals Hogueras and L’Erudit franco-espagnol.

Scholarship 2011

November — Hidalgo de Jesus, Ph.D., read “Lalo Alcaraz: De caricaturista politico a historiador; Illan Stavan: De historiador a caricaturista politico” in the First International Conference on Comics on Nov. 9-12 at the Franklin Institute, Universidad deAlcala de Henares, Spain.

Hidalgo de Jesús co-edited (with Vivian Yenika-Agbaw) the critical anthology Women of Color, and the State University System published by University Press of America; published the essay review “Poesía y teatro cubano: Dos mundos que se encuentran y separan” in the CHASQUI Journal; published four encyclopedia entries in the Latino/Latina History Encyclopedia and the World Literature in Spanish: An Encyclopedia.

She has been appointed a journal board referee for the L’Erudit franco-espanol (EF-E). She has been also invited by the Asociacion de Escritores de Tarija, Bolivia toread her creative work in Tarija, Bolivia.

Scholarship 2010

March — Hidalgo de Jesus, Ph.D., has been invited by "The Section on Venezuelan studies of the Latin American Studies Association" to serve as a judge for its semiannual paper competition. She was selected on the bases of her respected scholarly work in the Venezuelan Studies academia. This past August, she also presented the paper "Del Puerto Rico Insular al Puerto Rico Transnacional: La historia étnica puertorriqueña en La casa de la loca y otros relatos de Marta Aponte Alsina" at the Jornadas Andinas de Estudios Latinoamericanos in Santiago de Chile. In October she also presented the paper "La historia: Arma narrativa en dos cuentos de Ojos de Luna de Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro" at the Puerto Rican Studies Association Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

September — Hidalgo de Jesus's 12.306 Spanish Composition and Conversation II class translated the poems, “A Pequena Nogueira” (The Small Chesnut—La pequeña nuez) and ”Poema” (Poem --- Poema) from Portuguese to Spanish, Spanish to English. The poems were written by Joao Sevais, a well-known contemporary Portuguese poet. The poems were sent to the poet who is currently residing in Lisbon, Portugal. He is intending to publish the translations.

September — Hidalgo de Jesus, Ph.D., was invited by the Cultural House of Manta, Ecuador to participate in the Encuentro de poetas del mundo (World Poets Encounter), Sept. 22 to 25, where she received the key
of the city of Montecristi and recited several of her poems. She also read her poetry at the Monte Cristi School.

Hidalgo de Jesús poems were published in the Contemporary Iberian Poery Anthology: Joya Literaria in Lima, Perú. The anthology was presented this past July at the International Book Fair of Lima.

September — Hidalgo de Jesus, Ph.D., presented her paper "Narradoras, cuentistas, relatoras: escritoras puertorriquenas a partir de la decada del ochenta" at the international conference of Asociacion International de Literatura y cultura in Quito, Ecuador.

There, Hidalgo de Jesus was interviewed by the National Ecuadorian Newspaper about Latin American women writings in the 21st century. Hidalgo de Jesus has been selected by emeritus Fordham University professor to be included in the book "A Puerto Rican Professor's Journey: Doors of Opportunities within Communities of Resistance." Hidalgo de Jesus was chosen because of her achievements in the American Academia.

October — Hidalgo de Jesus, Ph.D., published an article, “Mujer y esclavitud en el cuento 'Saeta' de Yolanda Pizarro,” in the referee journal Letras Hispanas, University of Nevada.

October — Hidalgo de Jesus, Ph.D., presented “Como armar una antologia critica: Narradoras, cuentistas, relatoras: La escritura femenina puertorriquena a finales del siglo XX y principios del XXI,” at the IX International Writers Conference in Bogota, Colombia, Oct. 20 to 25.

She also read her poems “Anoche en un café de malos poetas,” “Somos Islas,” “Y naciste tu,” and “Wallada, la princesa Omeya.” The poems “Somos islas” and “Y naciste tu” have been published in the Contemporary Ibero-American poetry anthology published in Lima, Peru.

Scholarship 2008

April — Hidalgo de Jesus, Ph.D., has been granted a traveling grant from the University of Merida, Venezuela. Hidalgo de Jesus has been invited by the institution to give a talk on her co-edited critical anthology Escritura y Desafio: Narradoras Venezolanas del siglo XX. While in Merida, she has been also invited by the University of Merida Scholarly Press to discuss the possibility of a second edition of the critical anthology and also the possibility of editing another critical anthology on "Venezuelan Female Writers of the Last Decades of the 20th Century and the Beginning of the 21st century."