A. Blair Staley, professor of accounting

A. Blair Staley, professor of accounting

Blair Staley

A. Blair Staley and Dennis B.K. Hwang, professors of accounting, and their colleagues published an article, Hwang, D. B.K, Chen, Y., Staley, A. B., Tsia, Y., & Chu, C. (2013). A Comparative Study of the Propensity of Whistle-Blowing: Empirical Evidence from China, Taiwan, and the United States. International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting, 3 (2), 202-224.

Scholarship 2011

March — Staley, DBA, CPA, co-authored a journal article, "Judicial Deference to Regulations: Home Concrete & Supply, LLC," with Donald T. Williamson, professor of taxation and chair of the department of accounting and taxation at American University, in the Tax Adviser, 44 (1), 36-40.

Scholarship 2009

March — Staley, DBA, CPA, and his colleagues, Donald T. Williamson, professor of taxation and chair of the department of accounting and taxation at American University, and Farooq Sheikh, assistant professor at SUNY Geneseo, published a journal article, "A mixed-integer programming model to optimize tax-efficient payments of salary and dividends from a C corporation to its sole shareholder-employee for taxable years 2007-2010,"Tax Notes, 121 (1), 67-73 (2008). Staley and Charles J. Russo, senior tax manager at Parente Randolph, LLC, and Julius C. Green, tax principal at Parente Randolph, LLC, published a journal article, "Tax consequences of the rush for natural gas in the Appalachians" Tax Adviser, 8, 495-497 (2008).

March — Staley, DBA, CPA, and his colleagues Donald T. Williamson of American University and James S. Gale of Northern Virginia Community College, published an article "Planning for Federal Appointees' Conflict of Interest Requirements," Tax Notes, 122 (2), 1359 et. seq. (2009). Staley and colleagues Charles J. Russo and Julius C. Green of Parente-Randolph, published an article, "Gas Leases Can Blow Up Tax-Exempt Clubs" in the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, 80 (1), 8-9 (2009).

August — Staley, DBA, CPA, was re-appointed to the editorial board of the ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research for the 2009-10 academic year. The electronic journal solicits manuscripts not currently under consideration by another journal or publisher. Additionally, the journal publishes studies employing legal research methodologies that logically and clearly identify, describe, and illuminate important current tax issues including the history, development, and congressional intent of specific provisions; propose improvements in tax systems and unique solutions to problems and critically analyze proposed or recent tax rule changes from both technical and policy perspectives.

Scholarship 2008

March — Staley, DBA, CPA, and his colleague Nace R. Magner, the J. C. Holland Professor of Accounting at Western Kentucky University, have had a paper "Budgetary Fairness and Governmental Program Heads' Turnover Intention" accepted for publication in Managerial Auditing Journal. The paper is scheduled to appear in issue 4 at the end of May. Staley and his colleague Donald T. Williamson, professor and Director of the M.S.T. program and the chair of the accounting department at American University, have granted Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. permission to reprint their article "Are the Proposed Timely Mailing/Timely Filing Regulations Timely? 108 Tax Notes 597 (2005) in the new edition of a law school publication "Tax Controversies: Practice and Procedure."

August — Staley, DBA, CPA, and his colleague, Donald T. Williamson, Professor of Taxation and Chair of the Department of Accounting and Taxation at American University, presented two papers at the American Accounting Association Annual conference in August 2008, "The Application of Material Participation Standards Under I.R.C. Section 469 to Nongrantor Trusts" and "The Effect of Undergraduate and Graduate Tax Courses on Student Perceptions of the Ethics of Tax Evasion: A Research Note." Professors Williamson and Staley also published a journal article, "Reversal of Fortune: Third Circuit Court of Appeals Allows Common-law Mailbox Rule to Establish Timely Filing of Federal Tax Documents" in the Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure, 10 (3), 15-16, 71 (2008).

October — Staley, DBA, CPA, has been re-appointed to the editorial board of the American Taxation Association Journal of Legal Tax Research for the 2008-2009 academic year.