Safety Programs

Safety Programs

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is committed to providing a safe environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. It is our policy to maintain, as it is reasonably within the control of the University, a campus environment that will not adversely affect their health and safety or subject them to avoidable risks of accidental injury.

The university under the leadership of the Safety Administrator will establish an Accident and Illness Prevention Program (AIPP) as authorized in PRP 5221.

PRP 5221 Safety Policy Statement
PRP 5220 Safety Committee

Goals and Objectives of the AIPP

  • Accident and Illness Prevention Program;
  • Provide an environment that protects and promotes the health and safety of all employees, students and visitors;
  • Complies with health and safety laws and regulations and recognized standards in the industry were applicable;
  • Communicate with employees regarding health and safety matters and how to report hazards;
  • Develop compliance strategies;
  • Provide procedures for identifying and evaluation hazards and unsafe conditions;
  • Investigate accidents and incidents;
  • Develop procedures for correction hazards and unsafe conditions;
  • Provide employee training programs and
  • Maintain documentation for health and safety programs.