Campus Transportation and Shuttle Bus Services

Campus Transportation and Shuttle Bus Services

Shuttle Service

Campus Shuttle Bus Services

Please see Shuttle Bus Schedule. Bus service questions should be directed to Bill Fisher, 570-389-4536.

Transportation and shuttle services are part of Facilities Management. The department has ten full-time and three part-time bus operators. Of the thirteen, three are nine-month employees. All have PA Commercial Driver Licenses.

One full-time mechanic and a foreman support eighty-eight licensed vehicles and all the equipment in the transportation department. Thirteen shuttle operators transport students from lower to upper campus, downtown and Honeysuckle Apartments.

Transportation has a fleet of thirteen sedans, five seven-passenger mini-vans, two 15-passenger vans, three 25-passenger buses, one twenty-two passenger ADA bus, and nine forty-four passenger buses, for daily dispatch.

Shuttle Etiquette

  • Please be courteous and polite to the driver and fellow riders.
  • Always comply with the shuttle driver's request. Their primary responsibility is your safety.
  • Shuttles are often crowded. Please make room on your seat for other passengers. You are not permitted to save seats for others who are not on the shuttle at that moment.
  • Do not bring large packages and/or bags on the shuttle that need storage on a seat designated for another rider or need to be stored in the isle.
  • Always wait for your turn to board the shuttle. Never push ahead of others waiting to gain access to the shuttle.
  • Please do not ask the driver to stop at any location other than designated shuttle stops.

Transportation Requests

Requests for vehicles should be made directly to Bill Fisher, who can be reached at 570-389-4536, by email at or fax to 570-389-3070.

A Travel Approval Form must be completed and sent to the transportation office. Vehicles are dispatched from and can be picked up at the Buckingham Maintenance Center.