Special Education Faculty and Staff

Special Education Faculty and Staff

    Alma George, department secretary

    Timothy Knoster, department chair, professor

      Navy Hall 125 | 570-389-4081 | tknoster@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., M.S., Bloomsburg University; Ed.S., Ed.D., Lehigh University
      Interests: Positive behavior intervention and support for children and adults, interagency collaboration in tandem with inclusive school practices and reforms.

    Michael Karpinski, professor

      Navy Hall 116 | 570-389-5127 | mkarpins@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., M.Ed., Bloomsburg University; Ph.D., University of Maryland
      Interests: Student teaching supervision, secondary education for students with disabilities, vocational education, transition.

    James Krause, associate professor

      Navy Hall 106 | 570-389-4991 | jkrause@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., M.S., Bloomsburg University; Ed.D., Temple University
      Interests: Educational leadership and supervision, inclusive practices, adult services, programmatic/candidate assessment and teacher preparation policy.

    Brooke Lylo, assistant professor

      Navy Hall 124 | 570-389-5152 | blylo@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S.,Grove City College; M.S., The Johns Hopkins Univeristy; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
      Interests:Teacher preparation and the use of effective instructional and assessment procedures; Self-regulation techniques for students and teachers.

    Yanhui Pang, associate professor

      Navy Hall 015 | 570-389-4031 | ypang@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., Beijing University of Science and Technology; M.S., Renmin University of China; Ph.D., Tennessee Technological University
      Interests: Family roles in early intervention, cross-cultural study of quality of early childhood education and transition.

    Darlene Perner, professor

      Navy Hall 122 | 570-389-4075 | dperner@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.A., Knox College; M.S., M.Ed., State University of New York at Buffalo; Ed.D., University of British Columbia
      Interests: Inclusive education, differentiated instruction, collaborative teaching, alternate assessments.

    Philip Tucker, associate professor

      Navy Hall 113 | 570-389-4078 | ptucker@bloomu.edu | Website
      Education: B.A., Notre Dame; M.Ed., Rhode Island College; Ed.D., University of Cincinnati
      Interests: Assistive technology and computer- based technology for the classroom.

    Johan van der Jagt, assistant professor

      Navy Hall 126 | 570-389-5192 | jvanderj@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.A., M.Ed., Western Maryland College/ McDaniel College; Ph.D., Southern University and A & M College
      Interests: Memory, cognition, life span- aging, human development, learning strategies based on physiological psychology/ brain- based theories.

    Maureen Walsh, associate professor

      Navy Hall 123 | 570-389-5366 | mwalsh@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., Kutztown University; M.S., East Stroudsburg University; Ph.D., Marywood University
      Interests: Co-teaching, classroom management, self-determination, parental involvement, transition, medical/physical disabilities.

    Barbara Wert, associate professor

      Navy Hall 014 | 570-389-4110 | bwert@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., Kutztown University; M.S., Bloomsburg University; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
      Interests: Early intervention, autism, educational strategies, professional development in higher education.

    Barbara Wilson, associate professor

      Navy Hall 127 | 570-389-4034 | bwilson@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.S., Wheelock College; Ed.D., Lehigh University
      Interests: Inclusion of individuals with cognitive and behavioral challenges, Positive Behavior Support, linking assessment to instruction.

    Walter Zilz, assistant professor

      Navy Hall 016 | 570-389-4072 | wzilz@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.A., Southern Illinois University; M.Ed., Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University.
      Interests: Legal issues, emotional supports, behavioral modification, teacher preparation.