Special Education Faculty and Staff

Special Education Faculty and Staff

    Alma George, department secretary

    Darlene Perner, department chair, professor

      Navy Hall 122 | 570-389-4075 | dperner@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.A., Knox College; M.S., M.Ed., State University of New York at Buffalo; Ed.D., University of British Columbia
      Interests: Inclusive education, differentiated instruction, collaborative teaching, alternate assessments.

    Robin Drogan, graduate programs coordinator, assistant professor

      Education: B.S., University of Maryland; M.S., Bloomsburg University; Ph.D., Lehigh University
      Interests: Team collaboration including teacher involvement, family participation, and peer support, meeting the needs of students in inclusive settings, tiered behavioral and academic supports for students, and prevention intervention strategies for young children.

    Michael Karpinski, professor

      Navy Hall 116 | 570-389-5127 | mkarpins@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., M.Ed., Bloomsburg University; Ph.D., University of Maryland
      Interests: Student teaching supervision, secondary education for students with disabilities, vocational education, transition.

    Timothy Knoster, professor

      Navy Hall 125 | 570-389-4081 | tknoster@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., M.S., Bloomsburg University; Ed.S., Ed.D., Lehigh University
      Interests: Positive behavior intervention and support for children and adults, interagency collaboration in tandem with inclusive school practices and reforms.

    James Krause, associate professor

      Navy Hall 106 | 570-389-4991 | jkrause@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., M.S., Bloomsburg University; Ed.D., Temple University
      Interests: Educational leadership and supervision, inclusive practices, adult services, programmatic/candidate assessment and teacher preparation policy.

    Brooke Lylo, assistant professor

      Navy Hall 124 | 570-389-5152 | blylo@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S.,Grove City College; M.S., The Johns Hopkins Univeristy; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
      Interests:Teacher preparation and the use of effective instructional and assessment procedures; Self-regulation techniques for students and teachers.

    Yanhui Pang, associate professor

      Navy Hall 015 | 570-389-4031 | ypang@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., Beijing University of Science and Technology; M.S., Renmin University of China; Ph.D., Tennessee Technological University
      Interests: Family roles in early intervention, cross-cultural study of quality of early childhood education and transition.

    Philip Tucker, associate professor

      Navy Hall 113 | 570-389-4078 | ptucker@bloomu.edu | Website
      Education: B.A., Notre Dame; M.Ed., Rhode Island College; Ed.D., University of Cincinnati
      Interests: Assistive technology and computer- based technology for the classroom.

    Johan van der Jagt, assistant professor

      Navy Hall 126 | 570-389-5192 | jvanderj@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.A., M.Ed., Western Maryland College/ McDaniel College; Ph.D., Southern University and A & M College
      Interests: Memory, cognition, life span- aging, human development, learning strategies based on physiological psychology/ brain- based theories.

    Maureen Walsh, associate professor

      Navy Hall 123 | 570-389-5366 | mwalsh@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., Kutztown University; M.S., East Stroudsburg University; Ph.D., Marywood University
      Interests: Co-teaching, classroom management, self-determination, parental involvement, transition, medical/physical disabilities.

    Barbara Wert, associate professor

      Navy Hall 014 | 570-389-4110 | bwert@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., Kutztown University; M.S., Bloomsburg University; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
      Interests: Early intervention, autism, educational strategies, professional development in higher education.

    Barbara Wilson, associate professor

      Navy Hall 127 | 570-389-4034 | bwilson@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.S., Wheelock College; Ed.D., Lehigh University
      Interests: Inclusion of individuals with cognitive and behavioral challenges, Positive Behavior Support, linking assessment to instruction.

    Walter Zilz, assistant professor

      Navy Hall 016 | 570-389-4072 | wzilz@bloomu.edu
      Education: B.A., Southern Illinois University; M.Ed., Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University.
      Interests: Legal issues, emotional supports, behavioral modification, teacher preparation.