Reserving a Meeting Room at Kehr Union

Reserving a Meeting Room at Kehr Union

Reserve Online

Make a room request - reserve online.

Reservation requests, changes, and cancellations for the Kehr Union are required to be submitted via the online reservation website.

  • access the online reservation requests website
  • create an account
  • log-in
  • check availability
  • request a room

All KUB Reservation requests must be received, processed, and confirmed at least three days prior to the desired date of meeting rooms, and at least 10 days prior to the event date for large programmable spaces.

KUB reservation requests from on-campus groups/offices/departments are processed by the Scheduling Coordinator located in the Student Activities Office, 350 KUB.

KUB Reservation requests for off-campus groups are required to be submitted by Assistant Director of Conference Services located at 103 Monty’s unless they are being co-sponsored by an on-campus group/department.

KUB Co-sponsored event requests should be submitted by the on campus group via the website and will be reviewed by the Scheduling Coordinator.

Please note that reservation changes and cancellation requests are not complete until they have been received, processed and approved. Reservation contact persons will be notified via email upon confirmation of the reservation request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our frequently asked questions about online reservations. (pdf)

KUB Services

The Kehr Union Scheduling Coordinator can offer assistance with information in the following areas:

  • Scheduling information in the Kehr Union and Scranton Commons Amphitheatre
  • "Best Space" recommendations for your event
  • Kehr Union building policies
  • Large event planning assistance
  • Technology assistance
  • A.V. equipment recommendations
  • Personnel requirements
  • Catering issues
  • Fee schedules
  • Facility drawings
  • Changes / cancellation procedures

Scheduling Periods

Requests for space in the fall semester are accepted beginning the third week in April, and for the spring semester the third week in November. Requests for space during the summer may be made anytime. Although inquires regarding the availability of space may be made by telephone, no space is reserved or held by phone request. All requests submitted prior to these dates, in programmable spaces, are subject to the approval of the Director of Student Activities. Off-campus groups are encouraged to request space during the following time periods:

  • January - First two weeks
  • March - Spring Break
  • May - Last two weeks
  • June - Month
  • July - Month
  • August - First two weeks
  • December - Last two weeks
  • Fall Weekend

Reservation Deadlines

In order to facilitate the hosting of an event as efficiently and effectively as possible, the Kehr Union scheduling office requires that all reservation requests for:

  • Standard meeting/conference room spaces (i.e. room 340) must be submitted at least 3 full business days prior to the date of the event.
  • Requests for use of Kehr Union programmable space (i.e. ballroom and multipurpose rooms) should be received at least ten business days prior to the date of the event.
  • Non-Room space should also be submitted at least 3 full business days prior to the date of the event (i.e. Lobbies, corridors, patios, etc.).

Required Information

To expedite the process, please provide the following information when you first make a room request or call for assistance.

  1. The name of your organization and your campus sponsor if your group is not a department or recognized organization of the University.
  2. The date(s) you would like to do your program and the alternative dates that would work for you.
  3. The time the program will occur. Example time of reservation 4pm - 10pm, time of event 6pm.
  4. The nature of the event you wish to do (dance, concert, conference, etc.)
  5. The number of people you expect to attend.
  6. The name of the person who will be in charge of the program arrangements (and on-site coordination if that is a different person). Please bring their address, e-mail address, and phone number(s).
  7. Any special services needed, such as audiovisual, stage, special equipment, lighting, sound, traffic control or security, etc...
  8. Food service needs, such as dinner, luncheon, breakfast coffee setups, refreshments, concessions, and alcoholic beverage service.
  9. If you have guests with any special needs.


In order to assure that cancellations are received by the Student Activities Office in a timely manner, all cancellations must be received 72 hours prior to the scheduled event. Confirmed reservations cancelled within 72 hours of a scheduled event may result in fees being assessed to cover labor costs involved in room set-up. Charges for any additional services will be charged when applicable.

Cancellation by the user - If the reservation is for a Ballroom, Multipurpose Room, Multicultural Center, Hideaway or multiple (three or more) meeting rooms, a written cancellation/notification is required five days prior to the event date. If the user does not meet these obligations, the full cost for the event may be assessed.

Facility Reservation Priorities

First priority for space assignments in the Kehr Union shall be with University recognized student organizations, programs, and activities specifically for students and daily activities provided for the student population. A university student group is defined as one that is registered with the office of Student Activities, recognized by CGA, and recognized by the University.

Second priority for space assignments shall be with University Faculty, Staff, and Administrative groups. This group is defined as one directly affiliated with the University.

Third priority for space assignments shall be with non-University groups. A non-University group is defined as one not directly affiliated with the University.

Scheduling Priorities

  1. Kehr Union Program Board / Community Government Association
  2. Annual Student Activities events
  3. Programs sponsored by recognized student organizations
  4. Official university events
  5. Programs for students sponsored by academic or staff units of the university
  6. Programs sponsored by academic or staff units of the university
  7. Off campus organizations

Types of users

  • Recognized student organizations
  • Student organizations recognized by the Community Government Association and Bloomsburg University.
  • Student organizations are not charged fees for routine meetings, activities, or events open to the university community free of charge. Note: Fees may be charged for events involving special staffing, special equipment or events requiring more than a standard room set-up.
  • University Departments, Offices And Administrative Groups Directly Associated With The University.
  • University departments, offices and administrative groups are not charged fees for routine meetings or events open to the university community free of charge. Note: Fees may be charged for special set-ups, special staffing and special equipment.
  • Co-Sponsored Groups - External groups collaborating with a university-sponsoring organization/department will not be charged room rental fees for events designed to attract an audience of primarily Bloomsburg University students, faculty and/or staff. Such events should involve substantial participation by the event sponsor in the planning and/or presentation. Sponsors of external groups' events not open to university audiences and/or requiring an admission/registration fee or donations from participants will be charged room rental, direct costs and service fees for special set-ups, special staffing, and special equipment.
  • Off Campus Groups - Groups in this category wishing to use Kehr Union facilities will pay full costs, including rental fees.
  • Commercial Enterprises, For Profit Groups And Organizations, And Private Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations And Groups Not Directly Associated With The University
  • Non-profit civic or community service groups
  • Groups seeking to use facilities for events of public significance
  • State departments, agencies, departmental agency subdivisions, and committees meeting in facilities for business purposes.