Technical Leadership: Employers

Technical Leadership: Employers

Technical Leadership

BASTL Program Director

Vincent J. Basile, M.S.
Dept. of Instructional Technology
204 Sutliff Hall
Mobile: 570-204-6901
Office: 570-389-4506

“Leadership is about getting extraordinary performance out of ordinary people,”
  — John Harvey-Jones, former Chairman of ICI

Success in this rapidly changing global economy requires that leadership in a company exist on three different levels:

  • The Team Level — Leading units of 20 to 30 people This is viewed by many as the foundation of an organization’s leadership structure.
  • The Operational Level — Responsible for a main segment of an organization with responsibility for more than one team.
  • The Strategic Level — Taking responsibility for links with partners, organizational vision and strategic planning.

The Technical Leadership BAS degree program is specifically designed to address the knowledge and skills needed by technical professionals if they are to effectively provide team-level leadership for technical project teams and workgroups.

Program courses focus on high-impact interpersonal and organizational knowledge and skills such as those identified in the Skills Gap Analysis conducted by the Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board.

Convenient evening classes — some on-site at the LCCC campus and others online, accommodate to the schedules of working technical professionals.

Part-time enrollment options — Allow employees to continue work while advancing their education — supporting employee retention and adding value to their contributions to the company

A strong connection to industry — An advisory board of professionals from companies and organizations in the region will provide the guidance needed to maintain relevance to changing workforce needs.