Faculty/Staff Email

Faculty/Staff Email

Faculty/Staff Mailbox Policies

  • Emails are automatically deleted from your mailbox based upon age of the message and the folder the message resides in as follows:
    • Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, other custom folders [90 days]
    • Deleted Items [7 days]
    • Junk E-mail, RSS Feeds [30 days]
    • Calendar, Journal, Notes, Tasks [365 days]
  • Once automatically deleted, the messages are user-recoverable for 14 days by accessing the "Recover Deleted Items" area.
  • Each Faculty/Staff mailbox has a quota of 1GB (1024MB).
  • For more detailed information as well as instructions for recovering messages and cleaning out your full mailbox, check the BU Mailbox Policies help document.

Email Software - Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Outlook is full featured desktop software and comes pre-installed on every campus computer. Faculty/Staff email is most commonly accessed in Microsoft Outlook, which can be found on a PC by clicking Start-[All Programs]-Desktop Software-Microsoft Outlook

Webmail access - Outlook Web App

  • Outlook Web App allows Faculty/Staff to access their email from anywhere a web browser is available by going to https://webmail.bloomu.edu/
  • The full experience, chosen by not selecting the checkbox "Use the light version of Outlook Web App", is available in a wide range of web browsers and platforms including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.
  • The default view in Outlook Web App features Conversation mode, which groups messages together based on the subject line. This is not always desirable and can be confusing. If you would prefer to turn Conversation mode off, you can do so easily by clicking the down arrow next to “Conversations by Date” and then unchecking Conversation (image). This is a per-folder setting so you will have to turn it off for each desired folder separately, but the setting for each folder will be remembered no matter what browser or computer you log in from, so you only have to change it one time.
  • The following limitations exist when using Outlook Web App, versus using Microsoft Outlook for PC:
    • Cannot assign delegate permissions.
    • Cannot open other account's calendars or folders if you have been provided delegate rights.
    • Unable to view personal folders (PST file) created on your office computer.

Mobile access and email software support

  • Your email account is accessible on virtually all mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, by using the Exchange Activesync protocol.
  • If you prefer to use non-Outlook software on a computer, you may set up your account in any email program using the IMAP or POP protocol.
  • For help configuring mobile devices or email applications, please see the Access Faculty/Staff Email on Mobile Device/Email Software page.
  • If you configure your email account on a mobile device or email application, please be sure to update your password on these devices after you change your account password. If you don't, the device will keep trying your old password which no longer works and will actually cause your account to lockout due to invalid attempts.

Accessing Outlook from off-campus over the Internet

  • Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web App, and mobile device access will all work from off-campus.
  • If you have an office laptop that you took off-campus, you may continue to access Microsoft Outlook directly on your laptop.
  • If you have an office desktop/tower and want to use Microsoft Outlook:
    • If you leave your office computer turned on, you may use a Remote Desktop Connection from your home computer to connect to your office computer and open Microsoft Outlook.
    • You may run Microsoft Outlook software on your home computer. Configuring home Outlook software should be as easy as entering your email address and your current password. If you do not already own Microsoft Outlook, you may obtain a copy of Microsoft Office (including Outlook) for a very nominal cost through the Microsoft Work-At-Home agreement. Please contact the University Bookstore for details.
    • Otherwise, it is recommended that you simply try Outlook Web App at https://webmail.bloomu.edu/ to access your email while you are away from your office.

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