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Current RemoteApp Software

  • Accounting Primer
  • Boardmaker Pro
  • BU Weather Program
  • Dynavox
  • Insipration 9
  • InspireData
  • Interactive Histology
  • Interactive Physiology 2008
  • Kidspiration
  • Language Proof and Logic 3.1
  • MatLab
  • Manifold System 8.0
  • OpenOffice
  • Oracle Forms Builder
  • Oracle sqlplus
  • Oracle Start all OPMN managed components
  • Oracle Start Weblogic Server
  • ProSeries 2013
  • ProSeries 2014
  • ProSeries 2015
  • R - RStudio
  • R 3.0.2 (32bit)
  • R 3.0.2 (64bit)
  • SAS
  • Stata
  • SPSS Statistics
  • Wireshark
  • Wolfram Mathematica


RemoteApp Quick Guide

RemoteApp is located in the start menu under Start > All Programs > RemoteApp and Desktop Connections > Remote Desktop Services Default Connection

Select the program that is needed to run, in this example we will be using Adobe Photoshop

When the program is launched, a window will appear telling the user that the publisher cannot be identified. Click Connect to continue on to launch the program.

After clicking connect, a window appears informing the user that the program is starting, which may take a few minutes to launch. During this time, a virus scan window will pop-up, but will then disappear. This is the normal function of RemoteApp.

The program that the user clicked on will run. There is an information balloon that appears in the system tray area. It states that the computer is connected to the Remote Desktop Services Default Connection. The balloon will dissappear after about 5 seconds.

If a user is opening multiple programs from remote app, the programs launched after the first will not have the connection window, they will open immedately.

When finished using RemoteApp programs, simply exit the program and the RemoteApp session will close.

***Please Note***

When opening a file that is store on a USB drive, CD or the C:\ Drive, the user must select the Computer Icon and scroll to Where it says "Other" and select the drive from there, DO NOT select the C:\ drive on top. This is not the drive of the local computer, but it is the RemoteApp drive.