Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Scanning office and when is it open?

  • Exam Scanning Services is located in Franklin Hall, Room 120.

How can I get in contact with Scanning Services if I have any questions?

  • Please refer to our Contact Us page if you have any questions that are not covered in this FAQ.

Do I need to have a request form filled out before I bring my grades to be scanned?

  • No, but we do suggest that you complete an Exam Scanning Profile form

There are a lot of statistics here. How do I know which ones I want?

  • We have examples of each statistic available at our office, or you can view them here.

How long does it take to scan and grade my exams?

  • For a class of 30 students, an exam will typically take less than five minutes to be graded and returned to the instructor.

How do I fill out the key/prepare my exams to be graded?

  • In order for the Scanning Department to quickly determine which sheet is the key, we ask that the professor fills in all of the zeroes in the BU ID section and the instructor’s name and course number filled in as well and placed on top of the exams, with all exams facing the same direction. For a better description of how to prepare your exams, click here.

How do I get my results alphabetized?

  • All results are automatically alphabetized. If you receive any results that are not alphabetized, please contact us and we will send you an alphabetized copy of the results as quickly as possible.

Can I get the results emailed to me?

  • Yes, we can email the results for the 101 Report in Excel and/or PDF, and all other reports inr PDF.

Can the students have their grades emailed through the scanning services?

  • No, exam scanning software does not have the option nor theresources to email the students their individual results.

If I need to rescan a test do I need to bring back the entire test and key?

  • If there is a change to the answer key or the wrong key was placed with the section then we will need to re-scan the entire section. If you need a re-print or point adjustment then a re-scan will not be required, unless told otherwise.

My grade results seem lower/higher than usual. It doesn’t seem to add up.

  • If this error occurs, please notify Exam Scanning Services as soon as possible.

I had a student take the exam late, but I already had the rest of the Scantrons graded, can this student’s grade be merged with the rest of the statistics?

  • Yes it can. Just notify Scanning Services when you have the late exam scanned, and we can merge it with the rest of class. Then you will receive statistics of the entire class including the late exam.

Can I send a student/T.A. to have the exams graded, or does it have to be the professor?

  • Exam Scanning Services will cooperate with the instructor concerning student workers’ handling of exams and scanning reports. We prefer that student workers provide Campus photo ID and sign the exam processing record at Exam Scanning Services.

Why are there asterisks where my student’s BU ID numbers should be?

  • This error occurs when a student neglects to fill in the bubbles on the Scantron form for their BU ID number.

I am unable to view the Scanning Request Form examples.

  • Once you click on the example, a new page should pop up. When this does, check near the top of the screen for a yellow bar that says:
    "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has..."
    Click on this bar and select "Allow Blocked Content"
    This should fix the problem.

I have faulty questions on my exam. How do I get them omitted from the results?

  • If there are any questions on your exam you wish us to omit, simply inform the Exam Scanning operator which questions you want omitted.

A question on my test has multiple answers, will the scanner grade it?

  • Yes it can, but you must notify the Exam Scanning operators whether the correct answer is only one of the multiple answers, or if the student must select all possible answers to get the question correct.