Exam Scanning Profile

Exam Scanning Profile

Exam Scanning Profile is a service provided for faculty who routinely request the same report formats. Report options are selected once and saved in the Test Scanning Services Scanning Profile Database, by instructor. These options will be used each time the instructor submits a test for scan processing.

What is the Exam Scanning Profile Database?
This database identifies the instructor’s name, Campus department, Campus telephone extension, Campus building and room number, and Campus email address.

How do I register for Exam Scanning Profile?
To register for the Exam Scanning Profile, simply request and complete an Exam Scanning Profile form, available at Test Scanning Services. This scanning profile will be saved for future exam scanning.

How do I use the Exam Scanning Profile service once I am registered?
Each time you submit a test for scanning, simply let the scanning operator know your name, and submit  your Scantron test sheets.

Can I view my exam scan profile?
Yes, you may view your Exam Scan Profile by clicking here.

I requested my profile be updated, but this is not reflected in the online profile tool. Why?
Profile changes are not immediate and are processed one every 24 hours.