SPSS now has a Commuter license feature. This commuter license allows you to use the network license when you are not connected to the network. However, you must be connected to the network to check the license out and check it back in.  There are a limited amount of licenses available for home use to be able to meet classroom demands.

Check Out a License

  • Choose SPSS 19 Commuter License in the Specialized Software menu under SPSS for Windows.
  • Highlight SPSS for Windows English 19.0.
  • In the Duration box at the bottom, enter the number of days for which you want to check out the license. There is a loan limit of 30 days.
  • Click Check Out.

The commuter license will expire after the number of days specified by Duration. You can also manually check the license back in at any time.

Check In a License

  • Choose Commuter License in the Windows Start menu program group for SPSS for Windows.
  • Select the license that you want to check in. License(s) that you checked out are indicated by a question mark.
  • Click Check In.